How to secure stress-free Wi-Fi access in Japan!


How to secure stress-free Wi-Fi access in Japan!

Wi-Fi access conditions in Japan

For many of foreign travelers in Japan, Wi-Fi access is one of their main concerns in order to keep posting on SNS or checking maps online, even before 2020, the year of Tokyo Olympics.
However, there are not enough Wi-Fi spots yet in Japan. The worst of complaints by foreign visitors is about “public Wi-Fi access” (a survey by Japan Tourism Agency). It is actually difficult for many of them to get stable Wi-Fi connection during their trips.

Wi-Fi access conditions in Japan
Free Wi-Fi is available in many of major train stations, hotels, some chain stores such as McDonald, Starbucks Coffee and convenience stores in Tokyo. However, there are fewer spots than in other countries, and it is so difficult to keep stable connection that many tourists feel stress because of intensive access to the facilities.
Furthermore, sightseeing spots handle this issue in their own ways, such as not having instructions on foreign languages or asking users to register their email addresses to access Wi-Fi. Such complicated and inconvenient condition is one of the reasons why foreigners’ satisfaction has become low.

Wi-Fi access conditions in Japan2
New construction works including stadiums are proceeding smoothly, but on the other hand, it is a little late to improve the infrastructure of software such as Wi-Fi and multi-lingual service.
Free Wi-Fi services are spreading these days, so the situation might be improved before Tokyo Olympics. However, if you travel around Japan now, it would surely be better to rent a mobile Wi-Fi router.

How to rent a mobile Wi-Fi router in Japan

How to rent a mobile Wi-Fi router in Japan
There are several domestic Wi-Fi router rental services for foreign travelers, and here we introduce one of the major services. Generally no reservation is needed, but a reservation beforehand might be good idea to avoid rented out in busy season, and secure your need.

The case of one of the nation’s biggest shop “NINJA WiFi,” it is effortless that you can pick up/return a rental kit at major airports such as Narita, Haneda, Kansai International, Chubu International, Fukuoka, and Naha. Besides that, you can also pick it up at your hotel or friend’s place by choosing a delivery service (additional fee 500 yen, excluding tax).

How to rent a mobile Wi-Fi router in Japan2
In Japan, communication network is well developed, so “NINJA WiFi” is capable of high speed communication in wide areas, and its data capacity is unlimited. You need only one router to access multiple devices such as smartphones, computers and tablets, and it brings a stable and comfortable Wi-Fi connection to you. Additionally, you can rely on their multi-lingual (English, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese and Thai) guide service at the call center, and a secured password connection to protect personal information. Considering these points, 900yen a day (excluding tax) for Standard Plan is likely reasonable.

Please check the website for further information.

Having your own Wi-Fi would be a good way to enjoy your trip thoroughly, without relying on inadequate free Wi-Fi service in Japan.

*The above information was last updated January 10, 2017. For further details, please contact the facilities directly.

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