Highly recommended! Historical spot, the ancient capital Nara


Nara is an old city used to be the center of ancient Japan. We are pleased to introduce must-see historical spots in the area where the capital had been placed even before Kyoto.

Packed with charm of the ancient capital, Nara Park

Kohfukuji : Photo by Tatehiko Yano

Nara Park that spreads around Nara Station has many highlights. There are three World Heritage Sites sitting next to each other: Todaiji temple where 15 meters Daibutsu (a colossal Buddha) worshipped as the principal object, Kohfukuji temple that has about 50 meters five-storied pagoda, and Kasugataisha where is known for the bright vermilion-lacquered shrine. It is also a real pleasure of Nara sightseeing to enjoy petting wild deer.

●Nara Park
●0742-22-0375 (Nara Park Office)
●Noboriohjicho, Zoshicho, Takahatacho, and Kasuganocho, Nara city
●Park opens year-round. For opening hours and holiday schedule of temple and shrine, please check with each facility

Walking is even fun in Naramachi

Naramachi is a neighborhood located in the old precinct of Gangoji temple, and where old town houses with characteristic latticed windows lined up. Now, it is known as a popular sightseeing spot for restaurants and shops.

Photo provided by Nara City Sightseeing Information Center

Koshindo, where hanging red scapegoat monkeys under the eaves stand out is one of the highlights. You must also see the three wise monkeys’ statue symbolizing “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” sitting on the roof.

●0742-22-3900(Nara City Sightseeing Information Center)
●14, Nishinoshinyacho, Nara-shi, Nara Prefecture ●Admission free

Imanishike Shoin, one of the important cultural properties, stands out with its elegance. It was built with Shoin-style, an architectural style of the middle Muromachi Period (15th century). You can also enjoy a short tea break with the beautiful garden view.

●Imahishike Shoin
●0742-23-2256 ●24-3 Fukuchiincho, Nara-shi, Nara Prefecture
●Closed on Mondays, early to middle of August, late December to early January
●350 yen

Highly recommended! The newest gourmet spot 1: Houseki Baco (Jewelry Box) comes up in conversation for its fluffy texture snow cone

Houseki Baco is a snow cone shop deeply believes Himuro Jinja Shrine, which enshrines the deity of ice. People are waiting everyday for extremely smooth shaved ice covered with fluffy espuma.

●Houseki Baco
●0742-93-4260 ●Yume Cube, Mochiidonocho12, Nara-shi, Nara Prefecture
●10:00-19:00(Serving snow cone 11:00〜 )●Closed on Thursdays

Highly recommended! The newest gourmet spot 2: “coto coto”

coto coto is a restaurant serving healthy meals. They are made with local produce including home and locally grown “Yamato traditional vegetables.”

●coto coto
●Nara City Naramachi Center 1F, 38 Higashiderabayashicho, Nara-shi, Nara Prefecture
●11:30-17:00(Lunch: LO.14:00, Café:LO.16:30)/18:00-24:00(Course meal:LO.21:30, a la carte:LO. 23:00)
●Closed on Tuesdays and Sunday nights

Let’s enjoy Nara trip as mixture of over a thousand-year history and new attractiveness.

*The information above is as of December 8, 2016. For further information, please contact each facility directly.

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