“Tatebayashi Shokakudo,” a leading company of kanpo-yaku (Japanese-style Chinese medicine), inherits the wisdom of oriental medicine and passes it down to the generation of today.


“Tatebayashi Shokakudo,” a leading company of kanpo-yaku (Japanese-style Chinese medicine), inherits the wisdom of oriental medicine and passes it down to the generation of today.
In recent years, the importance of immunity has been garnering attention, and “kanpo-yaku” has been quietly popular among Westerners as well. Let us introduce you to “Tatebayashi Shokakudo,” a pioneer of Japanese kanpo-yaku.

What is kanpo-yaku?

For example, when you come down with a fever, in this day and age, you, would generally suppress the symptoms with antipyretics. In contrast to this Western medicine that attacks the pathogenic bacteria, Oriental medicine aims to support the body by eliminating physical disorder and maintaining health, so to speak. When it is necessary to sweat, Oriental medicine accelerates the process, and when it is unnecessary to sweat, it will stop the sweating. “Kanpo-yaku” has played an important role in the Oriental medicine’s idea which is rooted in the belief of the power of life and entrusting the body to react on its own.

What is kanpo-yaku?

About Tatebayashi Shokakudo co., ltd.

Today, there are two kinds of kanpo-yaku ― “Chui-yaku” and “kanpo-yaku (Japanese kanpo-yaku),” which both have its roots in ancient China. During the Muromachi era (1336-1573), medicine was introduced to Japan from China by Sanki Tashiro who was known as a “saint doctor”, and his apprentice Dozan Manase merged this medicine with the Japanese folk medicine, treatment, etc. which were already rooted in Japan at the time.

Further, prescription was created to suit the disposition of the Japanese people, and developed into the kanpo-yaku of today. Many of the kanpo-yaku are actually made from well-known ingredients such as ginger and orange, and today’s standard kanpo-yaku are made by boiling down these ingredients to make them easier to swallow.

“Tatebayashi Shokakudo co., ltd” has been supporting and contributing to this kanpo-yaku, which is traditional Japanese medicine. The founder, Saisuke Tatebayashi, who was also a pharmacist who studied Western medicine and pharmaceutics, recognized again the importance of Oriental medicine from his own experience of being ill in bed. Saisuke taught himself to research kanpo-yaku and also make many improvements. While putting into practice, he mastered the effects and the right combination/ratio of crude drugs, and created many prescriptions. Among their over 120 types of items, half are from original prescriptions, and some have effects no other pharmacy has created. Since its establishment in 1919, their sincere ways of creating kanpo-yaku has always been passed down to the new generations.

About Tatebayashi Shokakudo co., ltd.
About Tatebayashi Shokakudo co., ltd.2
About Tatebayashi Shokakudo co., ltd.3
About Tatebayashi Shokakudo co., ltd.4

Use “omitate” wisely when you start using kanpo-yaku

However, there may be many people who are interested in kanpo-yaku, but do not know where to start. In such a case, you should take advantage of the “omitate (assessment)” system, which you can feel free to consult with the staff at the Ueno store of the Tatebayashi Shokakudo. The system is like a medical exam or counseling by making an “omitate” on your bad condition, and “prescribing kanpo-yaku” based on the “omitate,” which leads to improving your physical condition. It is an important process for choosing the right medicine.

It is said that the essence of Tatebayashi Shokakudo is the “omitate.” From the kanpo-yaku of Tatebayashi Shokakudo, that was systematized with the use of an enormous number of documents along with 100 years of research and practice, to your current symptoms of course, your facial expression, complexion, your physique, and medical history, they will take into consideration all possible information and choose just the right kanpo-yaku for you.

Their website is in English and Chinese as well, and recently, there has been an increase in the number of people contacting the store from overseas. However, in order to convey your situation as correctly as possible, it is better to actually go to their store in Ueno and get direct advice.

Use “omitate” wisely when you start using kanpo-yaku Ueno Store, Tatebayashi Shokakudo

“Tatebayashi Shokakudo co., ltd.”
●4-3-1, Higashi Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo

*The above information was last updated October 16, 2018. For further details, please contact the facilities directly.

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