Ebisu Completed Guide


Ebisu Completed Guide
“Ebisu” is a city that attracts attention among many Japanese people. It has ranked 1st as a city which everyone wants to live and is gathering attention such as for having stylish buildings and fashionable areas. Ebisu is supported and popular by a wide range of generations. For example, although Ebisu is located next to a city known as a city of youth called Shibuya, Ebisu is known as a quiet city where people feel relaxed and free from the bustles of the downtown area. For having that relaxed atmosphere, Ebisu is often quoted as a “city of adults.” There are diverse charming places to visit in Ebisu. Besides cafes and restaurants, there are commercial buildings where much art-related youths gather. In addition, some famous ramen restaurants are open in this area, as well as sidewalk shopping roads that are popular among foreigners. There is an extensive range of places and ways to enjoy this city of Ebisu. This article introduces the way to enjoy Ebisu.

What is Ebisu?

Located next to Shibuya, Ebisu is a where a famous beer factory was once located. The name of beer manufactured at the factory in this area was called “Yebisu.” The name of this beer is the origin of the name of this city. Ebisu can be divided into three major areas. “Garden Place area” is the first area with an easy access by “Yebisu Skywalk.” “Commercial area” is the second area which is located between Ebisu Station and Naka-Meguro Station, and it is known for having some stylish restaurants. Spreading between Ebisu Station to Hiroo Station is the “Residential area.”

Ebisu is a gourmet city

There are a lot of fashionable cafés and restaurants widely distributed around the city, but “Ebisu Yokocho” is particularly distinctive out of all sections of restaurants. People are often overwhelmed by the deep atmosphere of good old Ebisu, a place full of old-style Japanese downtown atmosphere. Small restaurants ranging in size around 10 squared meters have varying personality and mood. It is also attractive that you can drink and walk in Ebisu Yokocho, where there are plentiful types of restaurants such as one with delicious meat, another one that specializes in fish, some others with skewers and Oden. As its wide range of restaurants co-exists, there’re many people who visit here. From foreigners to people after work, people here show excitement every day.

Ebisu is a gourmet city
“Ebisu Yokocho,” which is produced by Hamakura Produce Inc.

Ebisu is a gourmet city2
The former site of a once flourished shopping street. Inside the lively Yokocho with the old-fashioned home atmosphere.

Meeting spots in Ebisu Station

Outside the west exit gate, the statue of Ebisu-sama located along the outer wall of the station building is famous as a meeting point. When meeting at the west exit gate, it is also a good idea to use the neon light of atre (shopping center) in front of JR Midori-no-madoguchi (ticket office) in the station. Also, when going to the Garden Place, using atre located east exit beside the ticket gate is a good idea. By the way, atre in the east exit is on the second floor.

Meeting spots in Ebisu Station

How to walk around Ebisu

First of all, the Garden Place, a spot representing Ebisu, is the place to go for sightseeing. Various events are held on the weekends at the facility, and it is recommended to be visited by couples as well as families.

All of Ebisu, Daikanyama, Naka-meguro, and Meguro are surprisingly close. It is approximately 800 meters from Ebisu Station to Daikanyama Station. If you stroll around, you will arrive at a fashionable area with modern boutiques. You can enjoy various products with unique designs, shopping at imported commodity stores, where there are some good deals. Also, some tours of stylish cafes are enjoyable.

1. Shopping at Ebisu

■ atre Ebisu

Atre Ebisu is a shopping mall centered in young people where there is a variety of stores with popular brands, miscellaneous goods, delicatessens, interior goods, sweets, and restaurants gather.

1. Shopping at Ebisu
●1-5-5, Ebisu Minami, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

■Yebisu Garden Place

Yebisu Garden Place is a shopping mall on the former site of the Sapporo Beer Factory. In addition to high-end restaurants, there are department stores, museums, miscellaneous goods stores and fancy cafés are available at this place.

1. Shopping at Ebisu2
●4-20-3, Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

■Daikanyama Tsutaya Bookstore

Recently, “Daikanyama Tsutaya Bookstore” is becoming a trademark of Daikanyama. In the building designed by a contemporary architects and designers, a large number of books as well as many culture items and specialized books are available. In addition to the concierge who is present for consultation, there are lounges where you can read the back numbers of old-fashioned magazines, convenience stores and CD / DVD rentals.

1. Shopping at Ebisu3
●17-5, Sarugakucho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

■Art Shop “NADiff A/P/A/R/T”

“NADiff A/P/A/P/T (Nadiff Apartment)” is a complex where people with interests on art gather. There are some restaurants available as well. In addition to a collection of Japanese-style books and photo collections, NADiff A/P/A/P/T deals with contemporary art, domestic and foreign books on art, photo goods and multiple items related to photo. In the basement, there are several galleries which take up young artists from diverse perspectives. Art events, talk shows and performances are held at the galleries on a regular basis.

1. Shopping at Ebisu4
1. Shopping at Ebisu5
Featuring domestic and foreign books, there are multiple art goods aligned in the store.

1. Shopping at Ebisu6
In NADiff Gallery located beside this area, there are exhibition events happening every once in a while. In NADiff, there are efforts made other than just selling the products.

●1-18-4, Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
●Closed on Mondays (when Monday is a national holiday, following Tuesday is closed)

2. Recommended for a date in Ebisu

■Saigoyama Park

Saigoyama Park is a famous spot to see cherry blossoms. They are planted in the grass field, and in the season of cherry blossoms, there is a majestic and beautiful scenery all over the field. On sunny days in winter, there are times when there is a clear view of Mt. Fuji from the observatory deck.

2. Recommended for a date in Ebisu

■Westin Garden

“Westin Hotel Tokyo” is located at the back of Yebisu Garden Place. “Westin Garden” in the facility is a space full of nature that makes us forget the bustle of the city. There is also a fantastic waterfall in the garden where the ecological environment close to nature has been reproduced by hand.

2. Recommended for a date in Ebisu 2

■Observatory Restaurant District “TOP OF YEBISU”

TOP OF YEBISU is a restaurant area located on the 38th / 39th floor of the landmark tower in Yebisu Garden Place. The tower is 167 meters tall and you can overlook the night view of Tokyo from the free observatory lounge. Visiting here is especially recommended in the Christmas season!

2. Recommended for a date in Ebisu 3

3. Sightseeing in Ebisu

■ Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography

“Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography” in Yebisu Garden Place is the first museum specializing in the photographs and images in Japan. It collects and displays a wide range of works from artistic photographs to press photos both domestically and abroad.

3. Sightseeing in Ebisu

■ Yebisu Beer Memorial Hall

Located in Yebisu Garden Place, Yebisu Beer Memorial Hall is a commemorative hall of Yebisu beer with a history of 100 years. Visiting the gallery is free for charge. You can learn the history from the birth of Yebisu beer through the exhibits such as photos and historical items.

3. Sightseeing in Ebisu2

■ Ebisu Shrine

Located about 5 minutes on foot from Ebisu Station, Ebisu Shrine is enshrined by God of home safety and good health. Also, there is a god with the name of Ebisu, who is the god of merchants. Maybe there is a chance that there is a benefit from that god of merchants?

3. Sightseeing in Ebisu3

4. Meals at Ebisu

■Uo-mamire Shinkichi Ebisu store

Uomamire Shinkichi is about 2 minutes on foot from Ebisu Station, west exit. You can enjoy fresh fish directly sent from Tsukiji (fish market) with various cooking methods such as sashimi, salt-grilling and boiling. Seasonal cuisines such as grilled rockfish, baked snapper head, and raw oysters are popular and reputable. In the relaxed and calm atmosphere, there are counter seats and table seats. You can enjoy delicious fish and sake with yourself or even with families.

4. Meals at Ebisu
There are counter seats and even one person can easily visit this restaurant for fish related cuisine.

4. Meals at Ebisu2 Assorted fresh sashimi (*the content is different every season)

4. Meals at Ebisu3 Today’s fish stew (*the content is different depending on the day’s purchasing)

●Open year-round


“THE KINTAN STEAK” is a restaurant where you can enjoy the meat with exquisite cooking by the chefs. They maximize the taste by identifying the characteristics of each part of Wagyu beef chosen from the market by the meat expert. There is a variety of parts and qualities of beef such as beef tongue, red meat of beef cattle, Misuji (rare parts of cow’s shoulder), A5 ranked Sendai beef, fillet, and sirloin. Especially the thick steak of beef tongue is aged for 30 days so that there are a crispy texture and aged incense. In addition, they use meats such as lean steaks such as Wagyu top blade muscle, Togarashi (chuck tender) and Shinshin which will be laid for a day in order to bring out the taste of Wagyu beef even further. There are also 20 types of nice fresh vegetables and free rice service, which is also popular among women who are conscious of vegetable shortage in their daily meals.

4. Meals at Ebisu4
“THE KINTAN STEAK” located on the 38th floor of Yebisu Garden Place Tower. Israel-made pendant lighting made of Japanese paper, set in the space of the main hall.

4. Meals at Ebisu5
Spacious table seats.

4. Meals at Ebisu6
Most popular menu of KINTAN, “Ebisu Sirloin Tartare.”

4. Meals at Ebisu7
Mainly the rare parts of the beef such as sirloin and shoulder, Wagyu Loin Steak is made with the selected loin meat according to what was on the market each day. That selected meat is grilled using gigantic 2.5 meters long iron plate. This restaurant offers the exquisite experience of grilling that matches with each part of the Wagyu beef.

●Lunch: 11:30-15:00(L.O.14:30)/ Dinner Weekdays: 17:30- 23:00(Food Menu: L.O.22:00、Drink Menu: L.O.22:30), Weekends: 17:00 - 23:00(Food Menu: L.O.22:00, Drink Menu: L.O.22:30)※ Last entry 21:45
●No Scheduled Holidays


A restaurant centered on Italian tastes and charcoal grill using fresh oysters and carefully selected ingredients. Medusa offers a wide range of menus with some reasonable prices. In a superb underground space with about 300 seats and a large jellyfish aquarium, there is also a VIP room with karaoke in the back of the restaurant in addition to a restaurant floor where you can enjoy your meal calmly. This restaurant can be used for many purposes. Special desserts made by patissier are also popular!

4. Meals at Ebisu8
The restaurant is walking distance from the west exit of Ebisu Station. Go down the rock stairway from the entrance where water runs to the restaurant, which leads to the interior of the restaurant where there is a fantastic view as if it is inside the deep sea. A view in front of the aquarium; Bar counter is a first-class seating.

4. Meals at Ebisu9
Dining floor with the view of jellyfish aquarium. A spectacular view by one of the biggest jellyfish aquarium, which is 7 meters long.

4. Meals at Ebisu10 Oyster Plate (3 kinds x2 pieces)

4. Meals at Ebisu11 Roast Australian lamb fond d'agneau sauce with ratatouille.

●16:00 - 5:00am *next day
●Open year-round

5. Nightlife in Ebisu


WINE BAR Q is a well-established standing wine bar. Although it offers dishes at reasonable prices, it is also very tasty as well. There is also a variety of snack menu suitable for alcohol. Meals are offered from 500 yen from mainly Italian & French, and the affordable price is set for them. The lineup of wines is mainly from Italy, France, Spain, Germany and etc. There are wide ranges of wines, as well as beers, cocktails, champagne. All-you-can-eat home-made bacon is included in the 300yen service fee as well.

5. Nightlife in Ebisu Classic and hideout-like exterior

5. Nightlife in Ebisu2
A standing bar that people can casually stop by. There is a wide variety of wines across Europe, particularly from Italy.

5. Nightlife in Ebisu3 Bagna càuda of Kamakura vegetables

5. Nightlife in Ebisu4 Sautéed Spanish Iberian pork loin

●Monday-Friday 11:30-14:00 /17:00-L.O. 4:00am *next day, Saturdays 17:00-4:00am *next day, Sundays and Holidays 17:00-L.O. 23:00
●No scheduled Holidays

■ The public stand Ebisu

“The public stand” is about 5-minute walk from Ebisu Station. It is an unusual unlimited drink system in the bar business, with over 100 beers, highballs, cocktails, wines, soft drinks and etc. All are all-you-can-drink system up to 4 hours in the morning. In addition, it is free to enter and leave as many times. Even going out to have a meal and coming back is allowed.

Service System/ Unlimited time all-you-can-drink (The price is all tax included) Women: 1,080 yen (All day), Men: 3,240 yen (Fridays, Saturdays, A day before Holiday: 3,780 yen) * If you enter the restaurant in the Happy Hour (17:00-19:00), women are half-priced, and men are 1,000 yen off.

5. Nightlife in Ebisu5
Outstanding service system and the stylish interior are popular. Over 100 kinds of drinks including beer, highball, cocktail, wine and soft drinks are included in all-you-can-drink standing bars during the opening hour.

5. Nightlife in Ebisu6
Besides the all-you-can-drink menus, with a fee, ordering a bottle is possible. In any way, there are just very many types of drink menu and all of the cocktails are well made.

5. Nightlife in Ebisu7
There are some cocktails with seasonal fruits as well.

●17:00-4:00am *next day
●Open year-round

■ VAGABOND Ebisu store

It is a hideout bar where you can enjoy real paintings and live jazz performances. Inside the store, there are four-seating table seats, relaxing sofa seats. Even a woman can enjoy there alone. From the authentic cocktail made by bartenders, there are a variety of glass wines with a distinctive flavor, GUINNESS beers, and other over 100 types of drink menus.

5. Nightlife in Ebisu8
Inside the store, there are paintings collected by the owner who loves arts and paintings by modern art painter Kei Hiraga. Mainly the paintings are by Kei Hiraga, but there are many other paintings and arts as well. Genuine paintings, music, and delicious liquor create the relaxing atmosphere.

5. Nightlife in Ebisu9
A trademark U-shaped bar counter. The bar is crowded every day with people after work.

5. Nightlife in Ebisu10
Numerous artworks and furnishings fill up the store. The live music of jazz listening in an unpretentious atmosphere is exceptional. There is a piano performance by the professional pianists 4 times a day for 30 minutes each time.

●Monday - Thursday and Saturdays: 17:00-23:30, Fridays: 17:00-2:00am *next day, National Holidays: 17:00-23:30
●Closed on Sundays (Open if Monday is a national holiday)

6. Staying at Ebisu (Hotel)

■ Westin Hotel Tokyo

Westin Hotel Tokyo is located just 7 minutes by “Ebisu Skywalk” from JR Ebisu Station. Located within Yebisu Garden Place, as one of the world-class hotel groups, Marriott's “Westin Hotel Tokyo” is a luxury hotel with a high ceiling interior of the lobby and rooms based on European style. Teppanyaki, Cantonese cuisine, French restaurant and bar are equipped in the hotel. Also on a rainy day, there is a great access to the hotel using promenade on the basement floor.

6. Staying at Ebisu (Hotel)
Luxury hotel surrounded by rich nature.

6. Staying at Ebisu (Hotel)2
A luxurious space beside the front entrance called “The Lounge.”

6. Staying at Ebisu (Hotel)3
There are numerous desserts such as cream puff, truffle chocolate, low sugar cheesecake in “Pastry Boutique Westin Delicatessen” in front of international restaurant, “The Terrace.”

6. Staying at Ebisu (Hotel)4
Bright and open atmosphere, international buffet restaurant “The Terrace” is there with the healthy “superfood” menu which the Westin hotels around the world incorporate is similarly popular here.

●1-4-1, Mita, Meguro-ku, Tokyo
●Website: http://www.westin-tokyo.co.jp
●Opening hours is different between restaurants.


EBISUHOLIC HOTEL is only 5-minute walk from Ebisu Station and has been caught in attention as it has just opened July 2018. As there are 7 types of rooms, this hotel suits with any purpose of visit and provide excellent experience staying in the city. All rooms are equipped with free Wi-Fi and a complimentary breakfast service is also available. It is perfect for travel as well as a business base.

6. Staying at Ebisu (Hotel)5 Reception on the 2nd floor

6. Staying at Ebisu (Hotel)6 Lounge

6. Staying at Ebisu (Hotel)7
Superior twin room with two single beds from Simons (100cm). Non-smoking.

6. Staying at Ebisu (Hotel)8
Deluxe twin room with two semi-double beds from Simons (120cm). Non-Smoking.

6. Staying at Ebisu (Hotel)9
There are many photogenic menus in the restaurant “LA LUNA.”

●1-16-8, Ebisu Minami, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
●Website: http://www.holichotel.jp/
●Opening hours is different between restaurants.


“MUSTARD HOTEL SHIBUYA” that opened in September 2018 at the new complex “SHIBUYA BRIDGE (Building B)” is located in front of the path along the Shibuya River leading from Shibuya Stream. This hotel’s aim is to become a place for enjoying the city, not just “place to stay.” In addition to 76 individual rooms plus 6 dormitories, bar and patisserie “Megan” is attached as well.

6. Staying at Ebisu (Hotel)10 A convenient, walking distance location from Shibuya, Ebisu and Daikanyama stations.

6. Staying at Ebisu (Hotel)11 Photogenic space that enhances the hotel’s quality. On the first floor of the hotel, there is a “Megan-bar & patisserie” where it is enjoyable all day long.

6. Staying at Ebisu (Hotel)12 One of the hotel’s attraction is its quality of the space. The interior matches with the building design.

6. Staying at Ebisu (Hotel)13 Double Room (example)

●1, Higashi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
●Website: https://mustardhotel.com/
●Opening hours is different between restaurants.

How to get to Ebisu

In order to visit Ebisu, using trains is the best method. Walking around the Ebisu area is also recommended. In addition, to Ebisu, there is a train station lined by Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line, JR Yamanote Line, Saikyo Line, and Shonan Shinjuku Line. In the case of visiting Ebisu by car, get off at the Metropolitan Express “Tengenji Lamp.” Paid parking lots are scattered around Ebisu Station and Yebisu Garden Place.

Summary of Ebisu

In 1890, “Yebisu Beer” was born. The name, Ebisu is derived from the name of the beer made in the land. This beer factory was closed in 1985 and its redevelopment triggered a transition to an attractive city leading to the current popularity.

In 1994, Yebisu Garden Place was born in the site of the factory, after which this area was reborn drastically. Until then, in the area, there was an image of the ramen restaurant and factory, and people thought that Ebisu is a technical and exclusive town. Now while it is a fashionable city where modern shops are open, it can be said that the characteristic of this city is to leave the atmosphere of somewhat nostalgic Showa. Please experience the deep appeal unique to Ebisu where old and new coexist in a well-balanced manner.

*This information was last updated on September 3, 2018. For details please contact store and facilities directly.

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