Let's go enjoy a hot spring and spa in Shinjuku, if you stay at hotels in Tokyo・Japan!


Luxury hotels in Tokyo are usually equipped spa and beauty salons, and they often offer the hotel guests a privilege discount or other advanced services. The famous ones are a spa and beauty salon, “SPA at Mandarin Oriental Tokyo,” also called “Tenku no Spa,” in the Mandarin Oriental Tokyo, or “The Peninsula Spa” that adopted Ayurveda at The Peninsula Tokyo. However, most of hotels give priority to their hotel guests. Also, although if I want to go hot springs, it takes extra hours to travel to famous ones since most of them are away from the city center. Therefore, I am going to a new spot “Thermae-Yu” recommended by my friend for this time. Even it is in the heart of Tokyo, you can take natural hot spring. Isn’t it amazing? I can’t wait to check it out!

Let's go enjoy a hot spring and spa in Shinjuku, if you stay at hotels in Tokyo・Japan!
“Terumae-Yu” opens from 11 am to 9 am, and it is opens 7 days a week, day and night all year. It is located about 5 minutes on foot from the subway Shinjuku Sanchome Station. In Shinjuku Station area, there are many hotels around both east and west exits. It is very convenient to come from hotels whenever you want.

Let's go enjoy a hot spring and spa in Shinjuku, if you stay at hotels in Tokyo・Japan!2
As I went through the alley of Shinjuku where skyscrapers stand close together, a bright large white building was visible in front of me. Here we are at “Thermae-Yu.”

Let's go enjoy a hot spring and spa in Shinjuku, if you stay at hotels in Tokyo・Japan!3
The interior was gorgeous, and there were many shoeboxes lined up. Don’t forget to take off your shoes and put it in the shoe box before entering. When you go further, you will find a bright and spacious lobby, which is decorated to make you feel comfortable and relax, not flashily. The staff at the reception desk kindly explained in English about the system of Thermae-Yu when they recognized that we were non-Japanese. Most of the staff members can speak English, and some staffs speak Korean and Chinese too. I also felt their kindness when they show us Chinese guide and photos on a tablet.

Thermae-yu fully equipped with coin-operated lockers, which you can put a suitcase in. Even though it is big enough to fit a medium-sized suitcase, you can leave that in the cloak next to the reception if your suitcase is too big. So, you can come before checking in or after checking out your hotel in Tokyo.

Let's go enjoy a hot spring and spa in Shinjuku, if you stay at hotels in Tokyo・Japan!4
First of all, check in at the reception and receive a numbered wristband. After that, receive a dressing gown at the next counter, then you are ready for a hot spring after changing clothes at the dressing room!

Be noted that wash your body with a shower before entering the bathtub. There are enough shower booths inside the bath.

※ These pictures are provided by the facility. Please note that photography is highly prohibited.

Soak yourself in a natural hot spring in Shinjuku!

The great thing about this hot spring is that the hot water is from natural hot spring “Jindai no Yu” of Naka-Izu. It relieves not only neuralgia, but also effects on muscle pain, fatigue recovery, and is great for skin. You can also experience the largest high concentration carbonated bath in the Kanto region. In order to keep carbonate concentration in the water, the water temperature is slightly hot.

Soak yourself in a natural hot spring in Shinjuku!
Try saunas besides hot springs. This sauna warms your body using far infrared rays, opens the pores and washes the waste away with sweat. It can also relieve stiff shoulder and back pain. It is perfect for us who walked long hours in Tokyo.

Besides that, you can also experience a bedrock bath, spa and Thai massage with additional fee. Worth to try if you have an extra time.

Soak yourself in a natural hot spring in Shinjuku!2
After finishing bathing, you will need to get ready. The powder room here is very useful! Skin care products are prepared, so you don't need to bring anything with you. Furthermore, as hairdryers are attached to each booth, you will no need to bring yours. Toiletries are fully equipped like luxury hotels in Tokyo.

Let's try a fruit juice after you finish taking bath!

Let's try a fruit juice after you finish taking bath!
When you finish bathing at the hot spring, your body surely needs rehydration. There are a variety of fruit juices here as well as the usual vending machines!

Let's try a fruit juice after you finish taking bath!2
When I was drinking a juice, male university students who speak English came and sat next to me. All of us enjoyed the hot spring and relaxed, so we had a little chat for a while. They are from the United States, and said that they were recommended here by their friend studying in Japan. It was their second visit. I came to the hot spring with my friends, and it was a great experience that I could hardly have in my country. I think that this experience might be unique to Japan.

Natural hot spring spa near Shinjuku where you can go by subway!

This time, I visited “Thermae-Yu” and thought it was a clean spa with good access. What surprised me the most is that I can enjoy a natural hot spring in Shinjuku. You will surely enjoy it even if you are alone because of its comfortable environment. It is located near the subway station, and you can go from any hotels where you stay in Tokyo. If you come to Tokyo on your next trip and get tired of shopping or you have a spare time, why don't you come here and relax a bit at this urban natural spa?

●1-1-2, Kabukicho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
● 03-5285-1726
●11:00am to the following 9:00am
【Inner bath】11:00am - the following 8:30am
【Open-air bath】 11:00am - the following 8:00am
●Payment method: Major credit cards such as VISA, MASTER CARD accepted

*The above information was last updated March 2, 2018. For further information, please contact the facilities directly.

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