Tokyo Tower


Tokyo Tower
As a symbol of Tokyo, Tokyo Tower welcomes about 2.5 million people each year. There are numerous shops and gourmet restaurants as well as an aquarium and a theme park of Japan's most popular manga “ONE PIECE.” It is an attractive sightseeing spot where people of all ages can spend all day.

Tokyo Tower has been selected as a symbolic existence on stage setting in Japan's huge hit works many times, such as the novel/movie ‘Tokyo Tower – Okan to Boku to tokidoki Oton (Tokyo Tower - Mom and Me, and Sometimes Dad)’ and the movie ‘Always - Sanchome no Yuhi (Always - Sunset on Third Street)’.

The tower shows its exceptionally beautiful shape during floodlighting at night. We will share the information of sightseeing as well as hotels with view of its various colored floodlight on seasons and events.

What’s Tokyo Tower?

Tokyo Tower is the second tallest communication tower in Japan, following Tokyo Skytree. It opened on December 23, 1958, then accepted visitors from the following day. In 2017, the number of visitors exceeded 180 million. Shiba-koen Park, where Tokyo Tower is located, was chosen because of its convenient location to major TV stations for broadcasting and also to major sightseeing spots around Tokyo. Currently, Tokyo Skytree has taken over the role of the main communication tower, but Tokyo Tower is still taking a role for emergency signal transmission and waves for FM radio.

How tall? Which is taller, Eiffel Tower or Tokyo Tower?

How tall? Which is taller, Eiffel Tower or Tokyo Tower?
Tokyo Tower is 333 meters high. It has the main deck at 150 meters, and the top deck and two observatories at 250 meters. You can look out over the city of Tokyo from there. If the weather is good, you can see Mt. Fuji in the distance.

Tokyo Tower was modeled on the Eiffel Tower, which was the tallest tower in the world at the time, with a height of 324 m, and was built in a short period of only one and half year, using less than half the steel material of the Eiffel Tower. To appeal the progress of Japan's technological capabilities to the world, the tower was made slightly higher than the Eiffel Tower by many engineers and craftsmen's ideas and efforts.

How much is the admission fee and where is the ticket sales office?

How much is the admission fee and where is the ticket sales office?
The ticket office is located in the tower entrance and you can get an admission ticket to the observatory decks. Tickets for the main deck (150 meters) are 900 yen for adults, 500 yen for elementary or middle school students, and 400 yen for children over 4 years old. Admission fees for Top Deck Tour including both the main deck and the top deck (250 meters) are 2,800 yen for adults, 1,800 yen for elementary and middle school students, and 1,200 yen for children over 4 years old.

Top Deck Tour can be booked on Tokyo Tower website three months in advance (available in 12 languages). We recommend you to book in advance because the tour may be booked on the particular time on holidays.

“Reservation for Top Deck Tour”

1.Sightseeing in Tokyo Tower

We will introduce the recommendation points of the two observation platforms, which are also the main attraction of Tokyo Tower sightseeing.

· Main deck
The main deck at 150 meters high gives you the whole view of Tokyo from Tokyo Bay to metropolitan skyscrapers. There is a glazed floor where you can look under the foot. Furthermore, there is “Tower Dai-jingu (Great Shinto Shrine of the Tower),” known as “the shrine located in the highest place in Tokyo.” Next to the shrine, there is a goods shop called “THE OFFICIAL SHOP SKY” selling tower-shaped ema, so you can dedicate the small tablet of your wishes such as prayers for exam and romance. Additionally, 600 outdoor steps directly to the main deck are open on Saturday, Sunday and holidays. It takes about 15 minutes to reach to the deck, then you will receive a certificate authorized by the official character “Nippon.” Why don’t you challenge if you are confident in your strength and not fear afraid of heights?

※ Currently, the renovation works are in progress for each direction. (They are scheduled for completion around the end of 2019.)Please understand in advance that some part of view may be closed.
●9:00-23:00 (last entry 22:30. Outdoor stairs are open during 11:00-16:00 on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays. It may be closed due to bad weather.)
For more details, please see the official website of Tokyo Tower.https://www.tokyotower.co.jp/en.html

・Top Deck

How much is the admission fee and where is the ticket sales office?2
Top Deck in 250 meters high has been renovated as a futuristic figure in 2018, 60th anniversary. The glittery space surrounded by mirrors and LED lightning inviting us to a world of unique burial and floating feeling.

You need to join a tour to go to Top Deck. Go to the lane for Top Deck on the first floor, and enjoy the tower gallery where you learn the history of the tower.
●Between 9:00-22:15, every 15 minutes (the final tour is 22:15, tour may be canceled due to bad weather)

2、Shopping at Tokyo Tower

The first to fifth floors of Tokyo Tower are called “Foot Town” and there are various shops and activities. “Animate” is a popular place selling a lot of Japanese anime goods, but we’d like to recommend those shops below for Tokyo’s souvenirs.


How much is the admission fee and where is the ticket sales office?3
There are sophisticated original Tokyo Tower goods in the spacious store on the third floor of Foot Town. Sweets, stationery, fashion goods the tower motif have collaborated with various manufacturers, so it will too hard to resist the temptation to buy all.
●Business hours 9:00-22:30 (closed at 22:00 on the last day of each month)


How much is the admission fee and where is the ticket sales office?4
This shop sells standard souvenirs so that it’s a good place if you want to bring back memories of both the tower and Tokyo. Hello Kitty japan section has a satisfactory collection of collaborative goods of Tokyo Tower and local Kitty. Don’t miss to visit if you’re a Kitty fan.
●Business hours 9:30-22:00

“Tokyo Omiyage (Souvenir) Town”

How much is the admission fee and where is the ticket sales office?5
It is a retro style street of souvenir booths. It’s surprising that some shops have more than 60-year history. From the contemporary collaboration with anime and characters, to representing Nippon products such as the nostalgic picture plates, imitation swords and Haori, have been widely lined up in the exhibition space.
●Business hours 9:30-22:00

3、Meals at Tokyo Tower

On the second floor of Foot Town, there are lots of restaurants just perfect for filling your stomach. You can get snacks such as hamburgers and pizzas and also enjoy Japanese foods such as ramen and soba. Serving sweets and ice creams, it is a very convenient floor for those who want to enjoy the tower all day.


How much is the admission fee and where is the ticket sales office?6
Grilled toast is a signature menu of this restaurant. Not only reasonable lunch menus with salad and soup, but also original menus such as the tower’s height 333 grams steak and hamburger steak, and red wine limited in the tower are worth to try. This diner is good both to have a light meal during sightseeing, and to have a drink after enjoying a night view.

●【Weekdays】11:30-15:00 (L.O.14:30), 17:00-22:00 (L.O. 21:30) 【Holidays】 10:00-22:00 (L.O. 21:30)
●Open year-round

“Tokyo Curry Lab”

How much is the admission fee and where is the ticket sales office?7
It is a specialty store of curry rice, which has become a Japan's national dish now. They pursue delicious curry for people of all ages visiting the tower. Even if you’re from abroad, you can find your favorite among various hotness and ingredients. Don’t miss souvenirs related to curry.

●Open year-round

4. Staying around Tokyo Tower (Hotels)

Some of the hotels near Tokyo Tower have plans to guarantee the tower view from a room. If you’d like to enjoy the shining tower and the night view of Tokyo all night, choose accommodations offering the tower view plan.


How much is the admission fee and where is the ticket sales office?8
This hotel opened in November 2017, and located within walking distance of Tokyo Tower. It has convenient access to various districts, so it’s popular among business persons too. The Club Lounge with attractive modern and artistic interior opens as a café from 11am to 5pm, from 5pm to 11pm (to 10pm on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday) as a complimentary bar for guests.

How much is the admission fee and where is the ticket sales office?9
How much is the admission fee and where is the ticket sales office?10
●3-23-16, Nishishinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
●Tokyo Tower View Semi-Double for one person: from 14,000 yen
/Tokyo Tower View Deluxe Double for one person: from 16,000 yen

“The Prince Park Tower Tokyo”

It is a luxury hotel just a short walk from Tokyo Tower. The tower rises just outside the window and you can enjoy the view of the Tokyo Tower from the special seat. Recommended for those who want to enjoy the elegant Tokyo stay.

●4-8-1 Shiba-koen, Minato-ku, Tokyo
●[Tokyo Tower side] from 10,500 yen for one person.

“Tokyo Prince Hotel”

This is a luxury hotel 2 minutes on foot from Tokyo Tower, and was renewed in 2017. You can enjoy a leisurely meal and a café time with the tower view, as well as staying in a room with the view. “Cafe & Bar Tower View Terrace” offers lunch and afternoon tea while enjoying the contrast of green color of Shiba-koen Park and red color of the tower. You can also enjoy their bar time while looking up at the sparkling tower in the evening sky.

●3-3-1, Shiba-koen, Minato-ku, Tokyo
●[Tokyo Tower side “TOKYO VIEW TIME”] from 13,400 yen for one person (including a Tokyo Tower ticket)

5. Other attractions

There are two theme parks in Tokyo Tower.


How much is the admission fee and where is the ticket sales office?11
Located on the 3rd to the 5th floor of the Foot Town is a theme park reproducing the world “ONE PIECE,” a cartoon/animation that is popular even overseas. After the VR opening, there are various attractions representing the main characters. Attractions are many as you can't practically see them in half a day. There is the play supervised by the author and a restaurant with menu related to ONE PIECE. There are places representing the major scenes and photo spots. Now “Log Gallery” is open, and you may feel like being inside the manga pages. In the end, drop in at the shop with plenty of character goods. This place is a dream for the fans. It has become an unbearable place for fans.

●10:00-22:00 (last entry by 21:00)
●【LIVE & PARK PASS】Adult (19 years and over) 3,200 yen, Middle (13-18 years) 2,700 yen, Child (4-12 years) 1,600 yen /【PARK PASS】Adult (19 years old and over) 2,200 yen, Middle (13-18 years old) 1,700 yen, Child (4-12 years) 600 yen / ※ Sold at Tokyo One Piece Tower entrance. Tokyo Tower main deck + PARK PASS set ticket is 2,900 yen for an adult, 2,500 yen for a high school student, 2,100 yen for a junior high school student, 1,000 yen for an elementary school student, 900 yen for over 4 years old
●Open year-round

“Tokyo Tower Aquarium”

How much is the admission fee and where is the ticket sales office?12
Just after entering the tower, the blue entrance suddenly appears at the entrance of the 1st floor and that is Tokyo Tower Aquarium. They display marine creature classified with each continent. The exhibition and breeding of 50 thousand creatures of 900 kinds is one of the biggest in the world. We can find many unusual fish.

●10:30-19: 00 (may vary according to season)
●Adult (over high school student) 1,080 yen, Children (from 1 year or older or under junior high school student) & Senior (65 years old and over) 600 yen
●Open year-round

How to get to Tokyo Tower (stations)

There are some stations close to Tokyo Tower, so it is convenient to choose one properly for your hotel or where to visit. It is a 5-minute walk from Akabanebashi Station on the Toei Oedo Line, a 6-minute walk from Daimon Station on the Toei Mita Line, and a 7-minute walk from Kamiyacho Station on the Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line. All the stations have signs to guide you to Tokyo Tower. When you walk out from the stations, you will find the tower so that you rarely get lost.

Here’s the night view of Tokyo Tower!

Here’s the night view of Tokyo Tower!
The night view of the Tokyo Tower can be enjoyed from a number of perspectives such as from the top deck, the main deck and in the vicinities.

Here’s the night view of Tokyo Tower!2
From the top deck / main deck, you can see the night view of Tokyo like gems. Especially in the top deck, the mirror reflects the night view and it will give you an unordinary experience as if you were in the outer space.

The main deck occasionally carries out events such as “TOKYO TOWER CITY LIGHT FANTASIA,” projection mapping in the observation room. The entertainment of light against the night view is a breathtaking beauty.

Here’s the night view of Tokyo Tower!3
When you step out of the tower, you can see the beautiful form shining in orange. It is good to keep the view in your mind or enjoy the whole picture a little far away. The curve of the steel frame clearly drawn in the night sky is full of grace and strength.


Tokyo Tower is not only an observation platform for the scenery from a high place, but it is also attracting visitors as a place where you can find things from retro taste Tokyo to the latest style. Tokyo Tower has been watching the city developing as the capital. Why don’t you visit it on your leisure time while thinking fondly about the change of Japan?

Tokyo Tower
●4-2-8, Shiba-koen, Minato-ku, Tokyo
●Open year-round

*The above information was last updated on May 1, 2018. For further information, please contact the facility directly.

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