Enjoy shopping in downtown area of Osaka, Japan!


Today I came to Osaka's best shopping area, Dotonbori and Shinsaibashi. This Daimaru Department Store and Shinsaibashi Shopping Street are located in Shinsaibashi. Speaking of Osaka, this place appears in many movies and TV shows. Today I will show you how to spend extra fun time in this area.

First of all, shopping, shopping, and shopping!

This is the busiest downtown area in Osaka. If you come to Osaka, there will probably be no one who does not know Shinsaibashi and Dotonbori. These two popular sightseeing spots are connected and you can visit them at the same time. Access to Shinsaibashi is very convenient. If you take a subway to Shinsaibashi Station or by a sightseeing bus in Osaka to the Shinsaibashi bus stop, you are almost here. When you arrive at Shinsaibashi, you will see H&M and UNIQLO, which we all are familiar with. Since UNIQLO is originally from Japan, it seems a bit cheaper than buying them overseas. If you love UNIQLO, this will be a good chance that cannot be missed. Of course, besides casual brands, there are also world-famous brands like GUCCI are lined up on the streets. It seems to also be somewhat cheaper than overseas.

First of all, shopping, shopping, and shopping!
First of all, shopping, shopping, and shopping!2
Up on the streets, there is the famous “Kani Doraku” (Crab mania) signboard. This signboard is one of the symbols representing Osaka. Also, billboards and electric bulletin boards are arranged side by side on both sides of Dotonbori river. Some buildings are LED neon signs on the whole surface. Neon is reflected on the surface of the river at night, and it is so colorful.

First of all, shopping, shopping, and shopping!3
“Ichibinri-an Dotonbori Store” located right next to the famous statue, “Kuiadaore Taro” is the first in Japan to have the first official shop of Kuidaore Taro, called “Kuidaore Taro Honpo.” They carry all kinds of Kuidaore Taro goodies. Besides that, there are 4,000 kinds of Osaka souvenirs from cute and unique ones to artistic ones.

First of all, shopping, shopping, and shopping!4
First of all, shopping, shopping, and shopping!5
The name of Kuidaore-Taro originally came from the proverb, which is “Kyoto’s falling by wearing, Osaka's falling by eating, Edo's collapsing by drinking” (Various theories for Tokyo). It comes from the habit and explains the differences of ethos: Kyoto people spend too much money on kimonos, and Osaka people spend money on foods, and the people in Tokyo spend money on drinking out.

First of all, shopping, shopping, and shopping!6
Kuidaore Taro's goods are cute in design, and there are many kinds. The price is about a few hundred yen to a thousand yen.

River-walk of Dotonbori

The number of shops in this area is increasing day by day, with the Don Quijote Dotonbori Store where the Ferris wheel is located. The number of shops has increased further along the banks of the river where there were not many shops before. A pier has been built, and a pleasure boat of Dotonbori River is also popular. People who have come here in the past have visited again to see the changes in this area. I am one of them.

River-walk of Dotonbori
River-walk of Dotonbori2
In the future, many shops like coffee shops with terraces facing the river are planned to open, and there are many events will be held. Let's check the schedule of the events on the Riverwalk site of Dotonbori. You can go to Dotonbori with your friends, join the event while tasting local gourmet, and make memories of Osaka.

The best Takoyaki in Japan is here!

Takoyaki is originated in Osaka, Japan. Dating back to history in the Showa era, a famous Japanese gourmet Mr. Tomekichi Endo invented “Takoyaki.” The outside of the takoyaki is soft, and inside is juicy. Its price is cheap and tastes delicious. It is one of the most popular foods that Japanese people enjoy.

The best Takoyaki in Japan is here!
Takoyaki began to be popular in the Southeast Asian region, and gradually be eaten in each region. The ingredients of takoyaki are octopus, takoyaki powder (flour), dried bonito shavings, seaweed, mayonnaise, takoyaki sauce and so on.

The best Takoyaki in Japan is here!2
A chef is turning over a piping hot takoyaki with skillful hands. Recently big size takoyaki is boom in Shanghai and other cities, but the traditional root is obviously here in Osaka.

The best Takoyaki in Japan is here!3
There are long waiting lines at most of takoyaki shops in Dotonbori. We can see that takoyaki is really popular.

The best Takoyaki in Japan is here!4
Eat-walking is also a culture of Dotonbori. We recommend you to eat takoyaki when you are touring around the town.

I found a reliable service for hands-free shopping in Dotonbori!

Whether or not you can leave your luggage when you travel alone is very important. My friend who loves to travel also says that it is not convenient to have a big suitcase carried around. Hotel and travel agencies may provide luggage storage services for free, but it may not be desired location to leave your stuff. If so, you cannot fully enjoy, or have to hold back shopping since you have to carry your luggage around. In that case, only thing I wish is to find a locker in the location I am going to. In Dotonbori, there is no need to worry about that!

I found a reliable service for hands-free shopping in Dotonbori!
Even on the way to the airport, you might be able to stop by at Dotonbori for shopping. It is also convenient when you just bought too much.

I found a reliable service for hands-free shopping in Dotonbori!2
This luggage keeping station is not only to store your luggage but also offers Wi-Fi service, and you can have drinks.

I found a reliable service for hands-free shopping in Dotonbori!3
Besides that, you can use women's bathroom and shower room with an extra fee. There seems to be various ways to use the facility.

Naniwa Meibutsu Ichibiri-an Dotonbori Store
●Nakaza Kuidaore Bldg. 1F, 1-7-21, Dotonbori, Chuo-Ku, Osaka
●From subway “Nanba Station” 10 minutes on foot from Exit 14

Tonbori River Walk
●Chuo-ku, Nishi-ku, Naniwa-ku, Dotonbori River, Osaka (Ebisubashi - Nipponbashi, Minatocho)

B · R Baggage check-in service (Nanba · Dotonbori)
●Galaxy Building No.2 Bldg. B1F, 3-10, Soemoncho, Chuo-ku, Osaka

※ This information was last updated on March 7, 2018. Please contact the facility directly for more details.

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