Kawaguchiko Music Forest Museum


Kawaguchiko Music Forest Museum
Lake Kawaguchi is sure to come up when you think of recommended photo shooting spots in Mt. Fuji. It is one of the Fuji-Goko (Five Lakes of Mt. Fuji) and located in the foot of Mt. Fuji on Yamanashi prefecture side, and also it was also registered as a component asset when Mt. Fuji was registered as a world heritage site in 2013. It is an indispensable place for sightseeing of Mt. Fuji. Speaking of Kawaguchiko Lake, there are many famous things among the tourists to Japan such as Mt. Fuji, Hoto noodle, Onsen (hot springs) and so on. This time, I came to “Kawaguchiko Music Forest Museum” where we can enjoy music elegantly.

The view of Mt. Fuji was quite good when I visited on a sunny afternoon. It was under renovation, but it looks like a villa on the shore of a summer retreat. There are European style buildings and you can see swans swimming in the pond. Walk in the garden, cross the bridge and admire the mountains around. It feels like as if I went into a fairytale story.

When I returned to the real world with people's chatting voice, it was about time for a music concert. Let's hurry to go inside the building where everyone is gathering.

Immerse yourself in the 100-year-old music in Kawaguchiko

Immerse yourself in the 100-year-old music in Kawaguchiko
I sat down on a chair and relaxed. Well, I came to the “Automatic Musical Instruments concert” held at a History Hall. Speaking of the music box, I imagined a pretty and small box type, but it seems that all instruments that automatically play music on a mechanical mechanism are said to be music boxes. In other words, all the lines on this stage are music boxes.

Immerse yourself in the 100-year-old music in Kawaguchiko 2
Enjoy the concert by following the gesture of MC and subtitles of the left and right monitors.

Immerse yourself in the 100-year-old music in Kawaguchiko 3
The music box on the left contains organ, violin and some other instruments. Why is this concert being held in the hall? It is because the automatic performance musical instrument itself is large, but I think that this automatic performance is comparable to listen to the orchestra's performance.

There were two surprises: the dynamism of music that doesn't sound like being played automatically, and the technology which can make such an exquisite thing even more than 100 years ago existed.

Immerse yourself in the 100-year-old music in Kawaguchiko 4
The second automatic performance instrument from the left is the Titanic model. Yes, it is a music box named after that famous sunken luxury liner. More than 50 players got on the Titanic instead of this music box because it was delayed in completion and could not make it in time for sailing. I cannot help thinking if only it is completed a little earlier. By watching the real thing, it is mysterious that the events 100 years ago seem to have happened just now.

The reason why you want to visit “Kawaguchiko Music Forest Museum” again.

The reason why you want to visit “Kawaguchiko Music Forest Museum” again.
Well, let's stroll around a garden after enjoying the concert. There is a cafe in the first building. I did not have time to go inside this time, but it would be nice to take time to see Mt. Fuji from the terrace while having a cup of tea when you come to Japan.

The reason why you want to visit “Kawaguchiko Music Forest Museum” again. 2
The reason why you want to visit “Kawaguchiko Music Forest Museum” again. 3
Then let's check out some souvenirs. What do you think of the most expensive souvenir at this “Kawaguchiko Music Forest Museum”? Yes, it is a music box! Are you curious about the price? It is about 10 million yen. It is such a valuable antique music box with four instruments incorporated.

Don't worry. A lot of lovely music boxes like those shown above are sold at the museum shop too. You can find many kinds of music boxes including ones made by wood or glass with piano-shape. There are sweets and drinks are sold, and you can also experience music box hand-making on the second floor of the shop. Of course, you can use credit cards.

The reason why you want to visit “Kawaguchiko Music Forest Museum” again. 4
This time, even though I spent 2 and half hours there, I still missed 2 important events such as “Sand Art & Live Performance” and “Automatic Performance & Live Opera,” which both are considered as must. So I am already thinking about the next visit. I love to visit such a place where I can spend my time filling up with music, and stroll around the garden relaxingly.

Pretty flowers give coloring to the garden even in winter, but their rose garden where 720 kinds of roses can be enjoyed will reach its peak in June. We can enjoy the view of Mt. Fuji from the rose garden in the summer, or the view of Mt. Fuji in the clear air of winter. It is difficult to choose the season if the place can be enjoyed throughout the year.

“Kawaguchiko Music Forest Museum”
●3077-20, Kawaguchi, Fujikawaguchikomachi, Minamitsuru-gun, Yamanashi Prefecture
●9: 30 ~ 17: 30

*The above information was last updated February 14, 2018. For further information, please contact the facilities directly.

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