Immerse in the world of “Alice in Wonderland” at a restaurant in Japan (Tokyo · Shinjuku)


Taste Alice's magic with your eyes and tongue at a restaurant in Japan

I am sure that all of you know the story of “Alice in Wonderland.” It is British juvenile literature written by Lewis Carroll. So many characters such as rabbits wearing tuxedos, a chatting cat, and the Queen of Hearts appear, and it is a story loved not only by children but also people from all over the world. Even after 150 years since its publication, animations and movies as well as books are very popular worldwide. Our visit today is a restaurant with a motif of “Alice in the Wonderland.” If you want to fulfill your imagination, let's go to this restaurant found in Shinjuku, Tokyo.

Step into the rabbit nest right next to Shinjuku Station in Tokyo

When you come to a trip in Japan, which restaurant do you go to? This restaurant is located just a minute walk from JR Shinjuku Station west exit where various shops are around. It is at B3 floor of Shinjuku Nishiguchi (west) Halc building. If you step into this rabbit nest just like Alice, you can enter in the book world right away.

Piled books are slightly higher than my height. This setting makes me feel like I am Alice who drank shrink medicine. Actually, this is the entrance, but if there is no meal sample beside you, it looks like a library. This also uses Alice 's picture book as a motif. When you open the door, you will experience like being Alice. You can’t wait to enter with excitement and wonder what is inside.

Grab girls’ hearts with girly and cute interiors!

There is a green wall like a maze with spades and hearts decorations on it. I feel like I got lost in the garden of the Queen of Hearts. Today they took me to a sofa seat.

In the semi-open sofa seat, there is a rose shaped cushion, which is like a picnic in the garden of the Queen of Hearts.

A black and white floor like a chess board, and the hanging chandeliers that are the motif of the Queen of Hearts are perfect for girls’ party. The table is wide enough to bring many friends. It is also great to visit with your date since they offer cute looking meal and interior.

Various delicious meals as well as afternoon tea menus

With photographing cute interiors, I almost forgot the main purpose of my visit, the meal. In this wonderful space, you can also have solid meal besides tea party desserts, which Alice and Hatter had. Not only the interior but also the dishes were cute too.

They serve meals such as pastas and rice dishes as well as other cafes. Even if you come here before tea time, you will be satisfied with their menus.

When I was handed over, I wondered what this thick book would be. This is the menu book, which is resembled as old hardcover books. There's a care in the details like this. English and Chinese translated menu are also available. Besides regular menus, there are seasonal menus, and it always gives new choices for the visitors.

“Omurice (omelet with rice)” with Bolognese sauce and cheese. Eggs are fluffy and combined with cheese and Bolognese sauce. It looks different at the moment of scooping with a spoon. Risotto with fungi is underneath of the egg, and it makes stronger flavor than ordinary omurice. It is very tasty.

Sundae with rabbits and Cheshire cats. The girl's heart is tickled by the white rabbit and Cheshire cat made by vanilla and berry ice cream. Fresh fruit, cereal, ice cream, and berry flavor cake…..this amount may be too much for my bird-like stomach. It is great to share with friends.

Alice's shrink medicine? A Colorful drink

There are plenty of drink menus such as juice, tea, and alcohol. If you come at certain time, drinks can be set menu with meals in good price.

With unique gradation, I hesitated to even stir it. It is a drink, which is a motif of funny twins appearing in Alice 's story.

This is tea that has various colors and rose flavor. Whichever you ask, your table will be gorgeous.

Alice and cute rabbits serve your meals

At the restaurant, Alice and white rabbits will bring you the dishes. If you ask, they can be in a picture with you. There are also rabbit ears and other props prepared for photo shoots!

Let's experience a memorable restaurant at a Japanese trip!

This restaurant seems to offer you a full of memories. Everything here is instagenic. I didn’t even know that there is such a special place like this located just next to Shinjuku Station. Actually, there are six branches nationwide. Four of them are in Tokyo. Other stores are in Ikebukuro, Ginza, and Shinjuku. Of course, you can use credit cards at all stores. When you are travelling Japan, please make time to visit this memorable restaurant, and try experiencing Alice 's magical journey.

●1-5-1, Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Lunch 11:00-15:00 (L.O.14:30)
Afternoon tea 14:30 – 17:00 (reservation cannot be made)
Dinner 17:00-24:00
●Transportation access
A minute walk from Shinjuku Station central west exit of JR, Odakyu Line and Keio Line

※ The information was last updated on February 23, 2018. Please contact the store directly for more details.

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