Great finds near Kawaguchiko Lake and Saiko Lake! Highly recommended souvenirs during your visit to Mt. Fuji


Today, I am here at Kawaguchiko Lake Station, the gateway to sightseeing in the Mt. Fuji area. There are the “Omnibus,” a sightseeing bus and other means of transportation. Also, there is a bus terminal that serves as the base for sightseeing in the Mt. Fuji area, and from there, you can go to Fuji-Goko (Five Lakes of Mt. Fuji), Oshino Hakkai springs, Fuji-Q Highland, and also to the fifth station of Mt. Fuji. If you leave home early so you won't be late for the bus, and end up with too much time on your hands, you should use that time to buy Mt. Fuji souvenirs. I'm going to introduce you to some cute and popular souvenirs.

It was a three-day holiday, and people were lined up at the bus stop. Many tourists from abroad seem to be coming to Japan. More people are definitely visiting Mt. Fuji since it was designated as a World Heritage Site in 2013.

Kawaguchi-ko Station is like a log cabin, and the snow matched its appearance. Unlike the stations in Tokyo, I really felt like I was taking a trip. Inside the station, there is a tourist information desk, coin lockers, some chairs, and a shop where you can buy souvenirs. It's not spacious, but you can utilize your extra time there.

What are the popular souvenirs at “Kawaguchi-ko Station,” the gateway to Mt. Fuji?

I'm here at Gateway Fujiyama, inside Kawaguchi-ko Station. The interior is also like a log cabin, so it feels like I'm really in the mountains.

When I entered the shop, the first thing that I noticed was these cookies. I loved the roundish shapes of Mt. Fuji! They have a set of three, so you may want to give some to your friends. I chose the strawberry flavored one. It was crunchy, and I ate all three very fast. Maybe I should have bought more.

I've heard that gradation is the trend now. I do think these are pretty. I would like to see the actual Diamond Fuji with my own eyes once. I usually don't use sticky notes, but this one made me want to buy one for myself.

After the cookie, here are Mt. Fuji things that come in different colors. What do you think they are? Be careful not to eat them, because they're soap bars. Decorating my bathroom with Mt. Fuji soap bars seems kind of luxurious. I may want to use different colors on different days depending on the mood I am in.

The package attracted my attention because it was cute, but the tea was genuine, which won a gold prize in a contest in England, the home of tea. I usually put milk in my tea when it's too bitter, but I was able to drink this one straight.

This package really stands out! I like this. And what's inside is orthodox Japanese ramen. Even if the ramen is the regular type, anyone would love to have this as a gift.

It's not just the souvenirs; you should try the food at “Kawaguchi-ko Lake Station”

There is food that you want to eat right away after you pay for it, right? For these candies, there were pink colored ones as well. The flavor was probably the same, so I bought the ones that were my favorite color. There is a number “3776” on the package, and this means the height of Mt. Fuji, which is 3,776 meters. The picture of mountain is like “kintaro ame candy.” There are a lot of them, so you might want to eat them as you stroll around. Of course, it makes a good souvenir to hand out to friends.

Another thing that caught my attention! I have a habit of always drinking the local fruit juice, but I kind of hesitated if I wanted to buy this one. You might be wondering if peach and milk go well together. Well, I tried it, and the taste was refreshing and the peach's sweetness was pretty mild. Next to the souvenir shop is a café, and you can try their soft ice cream which has a white layer and a blue layer, just like Mt. Fuji.

You'll find a local Kitty-chan wherever you go on a trip in Japan. Sure enough, they had one that was a collaboration with the Mt. Fuji mascot.

So did you find a souvenir you liked? If you're going to travel Japan and go to Mt. Fuji, you should make good use of your spare time! Other than the ones I have already mentioned, there were souvenirs such as rice and sake made from Mt. Fuji's water and many items made from Yamanashi Prefecture's specialties. If you have the chance, you should definitely go take a look.

“Gateway Fujiyama Kawaguchi-ko Station Shop”
●3641, Funatsu, Fujikawaguchikomachi, Minamitsuru-gun

*The above information was last updated February 10, 2018. For further information, please contact the shops directly.

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