Trip to Japan: Even Mt. Fuji can be seen from Tokyo Tower!?


Speaking of sightseeing in Tokyo, Tokyo Tower is one of the most popular places we can think of. It is repeatedly used in songs, movies, Japanese dramas, and it can be said to be a must place for those who travel to Tokyo for the first time. Let's go to these representative sightseeing spots together today!

Tokyo Tower is easily accessible by subway

Since Tokyo Tower is located in the city center, the public transportation is the most convenient way to get there. This time we used the Toei Subway Oedo Line to the nearest Akabanebashi Station.

You may wonder how to get to Tokyo Tower from the Akabanebashi Station. But once you got out, it is right in front of you! No need to worry about getting lost or opening your map.

It is approximately 5 minutes on foot to the tower. You could be overwhelmed by the tower floating in the clear blue sky of winter. Let’s get going on the elevator before your neck aches by looking up too long.

The tickets to the observation deck will cost under 1,000yen. One note here is that payment by credit card cannot be processed. The interior design is retro and fashionable. If the entrance day is your birthday or a day before or after, you can purchase a birthday pack (official ID proof is necessary). Special signature booklet and sweets voucher are attached to the ticket of the observatory. It is the service only for the birthday person.

A must-see Mt. Fuji in Japan can be seen from the observation deck of Tokyo Tower!?

When an elevator door on the observation deck opens, the large glass window will appear in front of you. The whole view of the city including Tokyo Skytree, skyscraper and a number of buildings can be seen. There were children from a kindergarten and they were standing on tiptoe to see even farther. One of the children screamed “I see Mt. Fuji!” by staring at the wrong direction.

Let’s try to see Mt. Fuji. The shape of the observation deck is square, so when you turn left at the elevator, there is a sign showing Mt. Fuji. When air is dry in winter, Mt. Fuji seems easier to see than summer. Unfortunately, humidity on our visit day was higher than usual, thus, we couldn’t see it clearly. However, we were able to see its summit being covered with white snow.

Sunlight reflects and the glass window seems to be part of the landscape. I strongly recommend you to visit during the afternoon, so that you can enjoy the daylight, sunset, night view all together. You can observe how the city of Tokyo is gradually lit up.

Besides Mt. Fuji, you can see Haneda Airport and Boso Peninsula. Unfortunately, this part of the observatory is currently under construction and cannot be seen now, but there are also Odaiba and Yokohama, and you can see a beautiful night view at night.

Enjoy shopping at “THE SKY” where Tokyo Tower goods are substantial

After enjoying the scenery, it’s time for shopping time. THE SKY, inside of the observatory is a popular souvenir shop at Tokyo Tower. You can use major credit cards for payment.

THE SKY has many items with a motif of Tokyo Tower, and there are also many types of key holders, magnets and postcards, and super “Kawaii” mineral water as well. This unique Tokyo Tower shaped bottle may be a room decoration too.

Don’t miss post cards too! It is my habit to write a postcard when I go on a trip. It is only the time of year (Christmas to Valentine) that illumination of Tokyo Tower and Roppongi is so beautiful. You should send these beautiful postcards to your friends and family too!

Once you buy a card and stamp at the store, let’s drop the card into a mailbox next to the elevator. The postcards you posted here will be stamped with the Tokyo Tower original postmark.

Fish lives in Tokyo Tower?!

When the sightseeing is done, are you going back home? ...Nah, you are missing out the fun part of it. This may not be known for tourists, but there is aquarium inside of Tokyo Tower, and they offer 900 kinds, in total 50,000 of fish. Please note that ticket to the aquarium is only accepted by cash.

In the water tank where Tokyo Tower stands, fish swim in the sky by the side of Tokyo Tower.

All fish are categorized by continents, and there are also fish and amphibians that we cannot usually see in Japan. This Haigyo (Lungfish) emerged on the earth 400 million years ago and it is called to be a living fossil. Besides breathing using gills, which is similar to other fish, it also breathes from lungs once every fifteen minutes. If you have time, please go and visit this rare fish.

Even after a long time, still new Tokyo Tower!

Go visit this representative sightseeing spot in Tokyo. Tokyo Tower was originally made as a radio tower, and it is the most iconic landmark in Japan as well as in Tokyo. In recent years new buildings have been built in Tokyo, but still consciousness that Tokyo Tower is a symbol of Tokyo has not changed. In this trip, I found that Tokyo Tower is different not only each season but also even in one day. The renovation of the observation deck just finished on March 3rd, 2018. I am looking forward to going again to see new site.

What do you think of this trip? What image do you have with Tokyo Tower? Do not forget to visit there when you come to Tokyo.

“Tokyo Tower”
●4-2-8, Shibakoen, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Route 98 departing from Tokyo Station Marunouchi South Exit
About 1 minute on foot from Tokyo Tower bus stop (Total about 30 minutes)
7 minutes from Shiba-koen exit of Inner Circular Route

* Parking lot opening hours: 9:00-23:00 (last entry 22:30)
●Subway / JR
15 minutes on foot from JR Hamamatsucho Station - North Exit
7 minutes on foot from Hibiya Line Kamiyacho Station - Exit 2
5 minutes on foot from Oedo Line Akabane Station - Akabane East exit
6 minutes on foot from Mita Line Onarimon Station – Exit A1
10 minutes on foot from Asakusa Line Daimon Station -Exit A6

The information was last updated on February 9, 2018.
※ Please contact the place directly for updated information.

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