Good access from Osaka and Kobe! Lots of unique shops in the town of longing, “Okamoto shopping district.”


Okamoto is a small town located between Hankyu Okamoto Station and JR Settsu-Motoyama Station. It is adjacent to one of the most high-end residential areas in the Kansai area, and many university campuses are situated in the surrounding area. In this town that is crowded with neighboring residents and students, there is “Okamoto Shopping District,” the largest chopping district in Hyogo Prefecture and boasting about 280 stores. How about spending some time walking around the cozy streets of cobblestone, and staying as if you live in Japan?

Battleground for gourmet! Plenty of sweets and restaurants!

There are many sweets shops and restaurants in Okamoto, where is near the premier residential area of Kansai. Especially, pastries and cafes have a large number, and it is said that “the store that succeeded in Okamoto can pass throughout the country.”

“Leonidas & Gateaux et Moi - Kobe Okamoto main shop”

“café tuoli”

If you walk around in town, you will find many places to eat such as a Japanese restaurant with a relaxed atmosphere, a steak house that can entertain you with performance and more.

“Ryoribito Gakisan”


Enjoy sophisticated shopping!

Many general stores are situated in the district, and there are variety of selection from fashion items favored by students to refined daily goods favored by wealthy wives. Especially, the most popular item is an elegant parasol with 100% UV cut. It is only here that you can check the quality of the popular item among mail order. This is also recommended as a souvenir too.

Parasol “Hand in Hand”

Idols who can go to see in Okamoto!?

The idol group is consisting of 14 people, including shopkeepers and staffs who work at the Okamoto shopping district. They are “Ishidatami Boys.”

Their first CD was ranked in the 5th on the Japanese famous music chart “Oricon Daily Chart," and they made their major debut in 2016. If you go to their shops, you may have the chance to meet one of the members!

“Ishidatami Boys official site”

Enjoy a stroll through the magnificent scenery overlooking the cityscape of Kobe

After enjoying their gourmet, shopping and idol in the town of Okamoto, why don't you walk a little further for a change? There is a park with full of nature or a shrine, which has a superb view.

There are “Sakuramori Park” and “Bairin Park” where beautiful flowers are blooming in the season. If you walk for about 30 minutes from there, you can see the cityscape of Kobe and Osaka Bay from precincts of “Hokura Shrine.”

This sophisticated area representing the Kansai region is still unfamiliar by foreign tourists. It would be a perfect place for those who want to stay as if they are living in a somewhat sophisticated area in Japan.

“Okamoto Shopping District”

*The above information was last updated October 26 2017. For further information, please contact the facilities directly.

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