Let's go get a value and luck worth more than the price! “New year's first Fukubukuro sale” 2018


“Fukubukuro (Lucky bag)” is the highlight of New Year's sale event at department stores and electronics retail stores in Japan. Previously, it was one of the excitements to open unknown contents, but recently, lots of lucky bags have been revealed the contents, which are worth more than the selling prices. So, many people make a queue in front of the stores even before stores open. This time we will introduce you to carefully selected “Fukubukuro,” which are also recommended for foreigners visiting Japan.

A variety of Fukubukuro related to a dog, the animal of Chinese zodiac - “Seibu Ikebukuro main branch”

In recent years, Seibu Ikebukuro main branch has been focusing on Fukubukuro for foreign tourists who visit Japan. At the New Year’s sale starting from January 1st 2018, they are planning to sell 150,000 sets of 1500 kinds of Fukubukuro such as dog-related bags associated with the animal of the year of “ETO (Chinese zodiac)” and trend-influenced bags.

※ The image may differ from the actual items.

This time, two types of Fukubukuro are specially prepared for foreigners visiting Japan. Both are selected under the theme "Japan’s good things." One is an 888,000yen-bag containing a coral necklace and an Akoya pearl necklace (limited 1 set), and the other one is a 35,000yen-bag containing Japan-made traditional crafts such as an iron kettle and teapot, a lacquered tray, a kiriko glass and Mt. Fuji motif glass (limited 3 sets).

At Seibu Ikebukuro main branch, there are many Fukubukuro related to “dog” of the Chinese zodiac. Especially, this “dog-related” gold assortment stands out the most. The price is 2,018,000 yen associated with the year 2018.

Associated with the royal family who attracted attention by their recent engagement, a Fukubukuro (108,000 yen, limited 5 sets) containing 4 items including a pearl necklace and earrings, which are essential for a noble occasion is also prepared.

“Seibu Ikebukuro main branch”
●03-3981-0111 (main number)
●1-28-1, Minami Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo
●10:00-21:00 (Monday - Saturday), 10:00- 20:00 (Sundays and public holidays)
※ December 31st (Sunday) until 20:00, January 1 (Monday - Holiday) ~ 3 (Wednesday) 10:00 - 20:00
●New Year’s sale of 2018 is held on January 1 (10:00-20:00) ※ Hours may differ

“Bargain feelings" of course, also many “flattering” and “attractive” products - “Matsuya Ginza”

Matsuya Ginza has been known for selling novel Fukubukuro reflecting trends and fashion every year. The 2018’s theme is “bewitch and experience.” About 400 kinds of 30,000 Fukubukuro, under the themes of trends such as “#SNS-genic,” “#Coming-home-early-Friday,” and “# Career women” will be prepared.

Matsuya Ginza will prepare a wide range of Fukubukuro, which suit for children, working women, men who desire to be stylish and more. There will also be some Fukubukuro, which seem to be attractive for foreigners visiting Japan.

Here are some examples. This is Fukubukuro that proposes a suitable fashion for a woman working in Ginza, containing 4 pieces such as a wool coat, jacket, skirt, and blouse (the photo above). The other one is a 5-piece Fukubukuro, conscious of the trend. It contains items can be worn right now, such as a quilted coat, one piece, knit, blouse, and skirt (the photo below). Both are 10,800 yen, limited 200 sets.

This Fukubukuro is recommended for those who want to enjoy the fashion even in the rain. It comes with Matsuya Ginza's original umbrella set of 14 colors, 10,800 yen, limited 5 sets. You can go out in a good mood with a different color umbrella every day.

Here is the Fukubukuro highly recommended for travel lovers visiting Japan for sightseeing. It includes 13 useful travel items, along with a suitcase (27,000 yen, limited 10 sets). So, with this Fukubukuro, you will no need to worry about increase of your shopping during in Japan.

“Matsuya Ginza”
●03-3567-1211 (main number)
●3-6-1, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
●10:00-20:00 (regular hours)
※ December 31st (Sunday) until 18:00, Closed on January 1
●New Year’s sale of 2018 is held on January 2 (9:30-19:30)

Popular Fukubukuro sold by large scale electric retail stores every year - “Bic Camera”

Every year, Fukubukuro sold at the New Year's sale of Big Camera, a large-scale retail store of electric appliances, is so popular to be sold out quickly.

Details of 2018 Fukubukuro haven’t been published yet, but if we take the example of 2017 last year, a variety of Fukubukuro such as cameras, AV equipment, home appliances, games were prepared.

Especially, some Fukubukuro containing a 500 GB drive recorder, iOS tablet or 24 million-pixel SLR camera were so popular.
For 2018, it seems no doubt that Fukubukuro of cameras and home appliances will still get attention.

In addition, before going to stores, please refer to the website for the details of Fukubukuro selling at the stores. Some items might be sold by a lottery, and a reception date and time for the lottery might be different at each store.

Bic Camera

*The above information was last updated December 18, 2017. For further information, please contact the facilities directly.

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