Lots of instagenic spots! Christmas illuminations in Tokyo and Osaka


If you travel Japan during the holiday season, you can't miss the beautiful lights all over town. We would like to introduce you to Christmas illuminations of Tokyo and Osaka that guarantee you “instagenic” photos.

“Marunouchi Illumination 2017” beautifully lights up areas surrounding Tokyo Station

You can see the “Marunouchi Illumination 2017,” which is approximately 1.2 km in length on Marunouchi Nakadori street, near Tokyo Station. The tree-lined streets are brilliantly lit up by 980,000 Marunouchi original “champagne gold” color LED light bulb. At nearby Otemachi Nakadori street, they also have beautiful illuminations.

This year, a gate of light of about 6m in height was newly established in the Yurakucho area (in front of the Kokusai Building and Shin-Kokusai Building) with a design based on Art Nouveau as a motif.

It should be noted that they have cut electric power consumption by using “Eco Illumination,” which reduces power consumption per bulb by 65% compared with conventional products and also using “NEW Eco Illumination” in some areas, which reduces an added 30%.

“Marunouchi Illumination 2017”
●November 9th, 2017 to February 18th, 2018
●17:30-23:00(*17:00-24:00 during December)

The annual Roppongi event “Midtown Christmas 2017” celebrates its 10th anniversary

Celebrating their 10th anniversary, “Midtown Christmas 2017” is an illumination event that colors Tokyo Midtown with the play of lights with 510,000 LED light bulbs.

With the theme “space travel,” Tokyo Midtown's Galleria Gate, Garden, and Grass Square are illuminated with blue LED light bulbs, and you will feel a magical moment, as if traveling in space.

It's great to know they also have an “illumination tour,” that provides the highlights and story behind the illuminations, an “illumination photo service” and more (both have fees).

“Midtown Christmas 2017” is an event you can enjoy many times, with images of various planets such as the moon, sun, and Saturn for each day of the week.

“Midtown Christmas 2017”
●November 15th to December 25th
●17:00-23:00 (The Welcome Illuminations until 24:00)

A magical atmosphere in Shibuya —“Ao no Dokutsu SHIBUYA”

An event that started last year in Shibuya, “Ao no Dokutsu (blue cave) SHIBUYA” lights up about 600,000 blue LED lights from Shibuya Koen Dori Street to Yoyogi Park, stretching for about 800m. The area becomes a magical space.

Somewhat different from your “usual” Shibuya when you go shopping, etc., the “blue cave” is sure to make one feel as if in a fantasy world.

This year, the illuminations have dimming effects, and the “blue cave” has lights that express waves, which make the event even more fascinating.

“Ao no Dokutsu SHIBUYA”
●November 22nd to December 31st

An art festival at a waterside “Osaka Hikari-Renaissance 2017”

“Osaka Hikari-Renaissance 2017” has been an annual event since 2003 from the neighborhood of Osaka City Hall to Nakanoshima Park, where there are various government and municipal offices.

Celebrating its 15th anniversary, there are 5 special programs such as “Wall Tapestry Lighting Show” using the walls of Osaka City Central Public Hall as a screen, and “Light Exchanging Program=Tainan Temple Square of Lights="displays about 1,000 lanterns that have drawings by the citizens of Tainan City, Taiwan under the theme of “Lights Exchange.”

Under the theme of museum of light, “Osaka Hikari-Renaissance 2017” is one of the programs of “Festival of the lights in OSAKA 2017.” Along with “Mido-suji Illumination 2017,” 19 groups and 23 programs of light, they beautifully color the night sky of various spots in Osaka.

Images: ©Festival of the light in OSAKA Executive Committee

“Osaka Hikari-Renaissance 2017”
●December 14th to 25th
●17:00-22:00 (starts at 16:00 in some areas)

Their 27m high Christmas tree is a must-see “German Christmas Market Osaka 2017 and Kuchu Teien Xmas 2017”

Located near Osaka Station, Shin Umeda City Wonder Square is lit up by vivid lights such as a 27m illuminated Christmas tree and more.

The Christmas tree lights up at 5 pm every day, and not only from the outside looking up, you can also enjoy the inside by going through its “tunnel of light.”
The venue is of brilliant atmosphere, with lit up “hutte” (German for huts that are shops) that are seen at Christmas markets all over Germany, antique merry-go-rounds, and more.

You will enjoy a German Christmas as on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays from 7 pm to 9 pm (date of appearance is not made public) St. Nicholas appears at the venue, along with other events. At the same time, at the floating garden observatory of Umeda Sky Building just above, they also hold Christmas events.

“German Christmas Market Osaka 2017 and Kuchu Teien Xmas 2017”
●November 17th to December 25th

*The above information was last updated December 10, 2017. For further information, please contact the facilities directly.

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