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Japan's subculture such as Anime and special effects that was once called “Otaku” culture, has now dominated the world, becoming synonymous with “cool Japan,” and continues to send out messages to the world. A shop called “JUNGLE” is where Japanese culture that is different from the traditional kind, is closely packed inside. Why not take a peek into a profound world, unlike your conventional Japanese sightseeing trip?

From the latest Anime to the old-fashioned, no longer manufactured ones, you will find all the characters here

An overwhelming scale, the Osaka Shop

Even in the “sacred ground” of subculture, Akihabara, Jungle's Akihabara Shop overwhelms the other shops.

The Nagoya Shop is outstanding

Overflowing with items, the Sapporo, Hokkaido Shop

Once you set foot in the shop, you are sure to be surprised by the huge overflowing collection of figures. It is as if you are in a JUNGLE. Customers from abroad are sure to find Anime characters they know, where characters from Japan's representative Anime such as NARUTO and Dragon Ball, and many others are available.
This large assortment is the result of purchasing. Particularly popular items are obtained by going to people's homes to purchasing them, so JUNGLE has a great collection of rare or discontinued items. They also have currently available items at more affordable prices, which is a plus. In addition to the 3 stores in Akihabara, they have shops in major cities throughout the country, including their first shop, Osaka Nipponbashi Shop, Nagoya Shop, Kitakyushu Kokura Shop, Hokkaido Sapporo Shop. Further, because of their worldwide popularity, they also have shops overseas such as Los Angeles and Shanghai.

They also develop original products, made in highly-reliable Japanese factories

In addition to purchasing products, in response to demand, they also develop and manufacture original products of popular characters. High quality products manufactured in domestic factories can be purchased not only at shops, but also through mail order. You can of course, buy them through the mail from overseas as well. If you know what you are looking for, you may want to frequently check their website.

From communicating in different languages to events with voice actors. JUNGLE's hospitality is very satisfying.

Although you can get their products through the mail, you are sure to have a lot of fun visiting the shops yourself. In addition to checking the quality of items with your own eyes, you will find that there are loads of items such as figures, toys, military related items, plastic model cars and radio-controlled toy cars and more. Just looking at them is even fun and forgetting the time. They have stationed foreigner staff that can communicate in English or Chinese, which is very convenient. You may even make a lucky find.
Further, JUNGLE frequently has events such as talk shows and autograph sessions with actors and anime voice actors that are also a lot of fun. Checking out JUNGLE's schedule beforehand is highly recommended.


*The above information was last updated November 13, 2017. For further information, please contact the facilities directly.

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