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When the tourists visit Japan for sightseeing, they may wish to experience not only the delicious meals but popular entertainment of Japan. This time we will introduce popular cafes with unique concepts, which can be enjoyed entertainment along with delicious meals and drinks.

PLANETARIUM Starry Cafe(Haneda Airport)

PLANETARIUM Starry Cafe(Haneda Airport)
Located at Haneda Airport International Terminal, “PLANETARIUM Starry Cafe” is a unique café combining a planetarium facility only at Japan airport. This was opened with the concept of “relaxing, healing, and deliver an extraordinary excitement as an amusement spot.” You can enjoy the starry skies of each season that the planetarium projects while having tea and meals.

PLANETARIUM Starry Cafe(Haneda Airport)2
Since the cafe is located at Haneda Airport where many people visit as a sky gateway to Japan, it is used by a wide range of visitors such as domestic and foreign tourists, couples for dating, and families on holidays.

PLANETARIUM Starry Cafe(Haneda Airport)3
Seasonal horoscope, a collaboration of stars and music, a program to take off from Haneda Airport and look up the world sky, an animated short film…a variety of programs are screened, and they can be enjoyed by a wide range of age groups.

●Haneda Airport Tokyo International Passenger Terminal Bldg. 5F COOL ZONE, 2-6-5, Haneda Airport, Ota-ku, Tokyo
●Admission fee: Adult (junior high school student or above) 520 yen, Child (over 2 years old) 310 yen
* Minimum one drink purchase per person required.
* For details on store hours and prices, please go to the website.

HOGUREST total care salon + cafe (Okachimachi)

HOGUREST total care salon + cafe (Okachimachi)
Aside from Asakusa, “HOGUREST total care salon + cafe” located in a good location, a 2-minute walk from JR Okachimachi Station, which is also adjacent to Ueno. This is a luxurious relaxation spot where you can enjoy a foot bath which improves your circulation of blood and café menus at the same time. With friends, couples or even if you are all by yourself, you can be healed by footbaths set up at the round table or counter table seats, while having your drink.

HOGUREST total care salon + cafe (Okachimachi)2
You can also ask for “Yumomi,” a treatment that Shiatsu massage and stretch combined while foot bathing for an extra charge. In addition to footbath, it is also a pleasing point that you can receive a full-fledged esthetics at the relaxation salon attached to the cafe. It is said that bad blood circulation in the foot causes swelling and affects the function of the internal organs. It is fascinating to improve the flow of blood while enjoying the cafe on the way back from work.

Image provided by HOGUREST

“HOGUREST footbath cafe”
●T&T Okachimachi Building 3F, 4-8-5, Taito, Taito-ku, Tokyo
●Admission fee: 780 yen with one drink
* For details on store hours and prices, please go to the website.

Alice’s Fantasy Restaurant Alice in a labyrinth (Ginza)

Alice’s Fantasy Restaurant Alice in a labyrinth (Ginza)
In the Ginza where many foreign tourists enjoy sightseeing and shopping, a labyrinth suddenly emerges at the moment of opening the entrance door ... “Alice’s Fantasy Restaurant Alice in a labyrinth” is such a non-everyday space. As you can see from the name of the store, this is a restaurant in the motif of the novel ‘Alice in Wonderland.’

Alice’s Fantasy Restaurant Alice in a labyrinth (Ginza)2
Inside the restaurant with the tea cup room or trump shaped table, where you can feel the world of Alice by just entering the restaurant is another world. The mysterious world between dream and reality where Alice had been strayed is beautifully reproduced.

Alice’s Fantasy Restaurant Alice in a labyrinth (Ginza)3
Not only enjoy a fantasy, you can also taste a full-fledged meal such as British style menus supervised by the chef who worked for a hotel.

Image provided by Alice in the Country of labyrinths “Alice’s Fantasy Restaurant Alice in a labyrinth”
●Taiyo Building 5F, 8-8-5, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
* For details on store hours and prices, please go to the website.

Rabbit Cafe Usabibi (Ikebukuro)

Rabbit Cafe Usabibi (Ikebukuro)
Rabbit cafe is especially popular among the animal cafes. “Usabibi” is a space where you can come in touch with cute rabbits.

Rabbit Cafe Usabibi (Ikebukuro)2
It is located in Ikebukuro, a 5-minute walk from JR Ikebukuro Station (west exit). There are many different kinds of rabbits in the shop, such as purebred Dwarf Hotot and purebred Lionhead which are friendly to human. The way to touch and play with each rabbit will be lectured by a staff member in an interaction space of the shop, so you can come to the shop with peace of mind even if you never played with a rabbit. In order to interact with rabbits, it seems standard to use a snack (Usabibi uses fresh vegetables) and induce them to your knees.

Rabbit Cafe Usabibi (Ikebukuro)3
The fee is time-based, so drinks will be served as free (snack is extra charge). To a visitor who uses “Usabibi” for one hour, they will give a special photograph as a gift, which is a delightful point for rabbit lovers. This is the shop where not only visitors who want to interact with rabbits but also those who wish to own a rabbit can ask the staff members for suitable advices.

“Rabbit Cafe Usabibi”
●Nakagawa Building 5F, 2-42-9, Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo
* For details on store hours and prices, please go to the website.

*The above information was last updated September 8, 2017. For further information, please contact the facilities directly.

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