Shop at “Matsumoto Kiyoshi,” the drugstore increasingly convenient and useful for foreign customers!


Drugstores that sell not only pharmaceutical products, but also everyday items, cosmetics, foods are indispensable to the life of the Japanese. Lately, these stores also became popular as shopping spots convenient for foreign tourists traveling in Japan. Among them, we will focus on “Matsumoto Kiyoshi,” one of the leading chains, known under the name of “Matsukiyo.”

The founder shifted from citizen services to consumer services.

The unique store name took from the founder, a former mayor of Matsudo-shi, Chiba Prefecture, who is known for being the first in Japan to create a special department for quick response service to citizens at a city hall. Originally started as an ordinary drug store, and expanded a wide range of product lineup, and continues developing. Currently, there are 722 stores nationwide.

Promptly respond to foreign customers

As souvenirs of Japan, Japanese brand cosmetics and medicines are getting popular lately. Popular items at Matsumoto Kiyoshi are also 1st place cosmetics, 2nd eye drops, 3rd medical cream. It is the charm of drugstores that you can find popular products at once, and buy them cheaper. Especially Matsumoto Kiyoshi’s name value, locations and advances services for foreign customers have to be mentioned. For example, about 370 stores can accept tax exemption, and UnionPay card that widely spreads in China can be used. Furthermore, the onsite free Wi-Fi service is a big appeal for foreigners who contact each other by SNS at the time of purchase of souvenirs. 

Attention to the private brand that has been identified demand!

If we think about only the number of commodity items and price, the same is true for other chain drug stores. But the difference between Matsumoto Kiyoshi and other chains is that Matsumoto Kiyoshi is actively researching consumer demands. For example, customers can get discount coupons if they participate UnionPay or WeChat campaign. On the other hand, the data obtained by these events is not only used for selection of products but also in the development of private brand products, called “matsukiyo.” In addition to the quality of products made in Japan, they carry the lineup that also meets customers' needs from overseas.
And also, “matsukiyo LAB” that gives customers counseling has launched as a next generation store. From now on, the customers can expect not only buy pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, but also ask them for advanced service on “beauty and health” that corresponds to each individual's need.

*The above information was last updated June 15, 2017. For further information, please contact the facilities directly.

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