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It is no exaggeration to say that “Gyudon (Beef Bowl)” is a representative of Japan’s signature food. It is prepared quickly, casual and easy to eat, so it is loved not only by Japanese but also many foreigners. We will introduce delicious and popular Beef Bowl chain stores.

Japanese Beef Bowl has a unique evolution

“Gyunabe” made a chance for Japanese to eat meat in the Meiji era, and it said that “Beef Bowl” was evolved from it. Beef Bowl is inexpensive and easy to eat, so these shops are always crowded with many young people and businessmen especially during lunchtime. There are not only the payment method such as purchasing meal tickets from a ticket machine or paying by cash, but also distinctive orders and menus such as “Tsuyudaku” (adding extra soup), topping a raw egg (with extra charge) and more. Each chain has a different system, so please “refer to the people around you for the first visit. If you don't know, feel free to ask!”

“Yoshinoya” hands down a highroad taste of Beef Bowl

“Yoshinoya” hands down a highroad taste of Beef Bowl
Yoshinoya's catchphrase is “Tasty, low-priced, and quick.” Yoshinoya is a long-established chain, which leads the beef bowl popularity. They are expanding their brunches to the United States, Taiwan, China, and the Philippines. We, of course, can find their brunches in every prefecture of Japan. Yoshinoya brand spreads the world.

“Yoshinoya” hands down a highroad taste of Beef Bowl2 Regular size Gyudon: 380 yen

More than a hundred years of study, Yoshinoya developed the secret sauce, and best ingredients such as beef that matches with the sauce, original blended and hard-cooked rice, a smooth-textured onion, etc. It is an orthodox taste of Gyudon, and it is served with simple presentation. Arita ware (porcelain) with the symbol mark is used for Gyudon, and this is special to Yoshinoya. At selected brunches, Japanese style “Yoshinomi” that you can enjoy sake with beef dishes or snacks is available, and it is becoming popular.

“Yoshinoya” hands down a highroad taste of Beef Bowl3 Grilled Rib & Ginger Bowl: 590 yen

● 0120-69-5114 (Open: 9:00-17:00)
●●https://www.yoshinoya.com/en/index.html (For more information of each store, please check the website)

“Sukiya” -- Variety of menus and sizes

“Sukiya” -- Variety of menus and sizes
Sukiya has the largest number of stores among Gyudon chains in Japan. The abundant variety of dishes that overwhelms other chains is the biggest sales point. There are nine types of beef bowls alone, and they are available in six sizes. You can also create original beef bowls by choosing toppings such as natto, okra, kimchi and more. Enjoying comparison of beef bowl with various flavors is the way of enjoying Sukiya.

“Sukiya” -- Variety of menus and sizes2 Gyudon M size: 350 yen

“Sukiya” -- Variety of menus and sizes3 Recommended! Gyudon with 3 Cheeses M size: 490 yen

“Sukiya” ●0120-498-007 (9:00-19:00)
http://www.sukiya.jp/(For more information of each store, please check the website)

Enjoy your free miso soup at “Matsuya”

Enjoy your free miso soup at “Matsuya”
Matsuya's feature service is “Free Miso soup.” They serve miso soup at free of charge when you order donburi (bowl) menus, and this service is offered at only Matsuya. There are 16 fulfilling set menus including the standard beef bowl. The variety of sauces, dressings and other seasonings are set on the table for your meal. You should order with the touch screen ticket system, and multilingual such as English, Chinese and Korean besides Japanese can be displayed. It might be a little complicated. If so, feel free to ask store staff.

Enjoy your free miso soup at “Matsuya”2 Gyumeshi Regular - with free miso soup: 290 yen

Enjoy your free miso soup at “Matsuya”3 Gyumeshi with Spicy Sauce (Extra Green Onions and an Egg) - with free miso soup Regular: 400 yen

“Matsuya” ●0120-677-139 (9:00-17:00)
https://www.matsuyafoods.co.jp/(For more information of each store, please check the website)

*The above information was last updated April 27, 2017. For further information, please contact the facilities directly.

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