One day onsen trip with superb Mt. Fuji (Fujisan) view


If you travel in Japan, don’t forget to experience onsen, hot springs. This time, we will introduce the best onsen for a day trip – places you can rarely visit on a group tour.

Enjoy Mt. Fuji from an onsen of Yamanakako

This is one of the beautiful outdoor hot springs near Mt. Fuji. You can enjoy the majestic view of Mt. Fuji right in front of you. You can also experience different faces of Mt. Fuji seasonally; with red leaves in autumn, diamond Fuji, which the sun sparkles on top of the summit during winter, or Aka-Fuji, which it is colored in red.

●Yamanakako Onsen Benifuji no Yu ●0555-20-2700 ●865−776 Yamanaka, Yamanakako-mura, Minamitsuru-gun, Yamanashi ● ●10:00 – 21:00 pm (Last admission: 20:30 ) *Weekends and national holidays between December and February open from 6:00 ●Closed on Tuesdays (open on national holidays/ GW/ July through September/ Year-end holidays) ●Admission: Adult 800 yen, Students 600 yen, Elementary school students 300 yen, Children under age 7 are free of charge
* People with tattoos are not allowed (*1). We appreciate your understanding.

Hot springs with the dynamic panoramic view of Mt. Fuji

This one-day-trip onsen facility is located on the south side of Saiko, next to Michinoeki Narusawa. You can enjoy 16 kinds of amusing baths such as a panoramic Mt.Fuji viewing bath, Takami bath that you can also view the majestic Mt. Fuji from indoor, Reiho outdoor hot spring, a cave bath and more.

●Fujichobo-no-yu Spa Yurari ●0555-85-3126 ●8532-5 Narusawa-mura, Minamitsuru-gun, Yamanashi ● ●10:00 am – 22:00 (Last admission 21:00) ●Open 7 days a week ●Admission: Adults Weekdays 1,300 yen (From 19:00: 1,100 yen), weekends and National Holidays: 1,500 yen (From 19:00: 1,300yen), Children Weekdays 650 yen, weekends, and National Holidays: 700 yen
* Pets or people with tattoos are not allowed (*1). We appreciate your understanding

Open-air hot springs at a 1,100-meter-high mountain

Enjoy a one-day onsen at a resort hotel located on the mountain looking down Lake Yamanaka. View the Mt. Fuji from “Manten no Yu,” and enjoy the outside views from glazed inside baths.

●Hotel Mt. Fuji ●0555-62-2111 ●1360-83 Yamanaka, Yamanakako-mura, Minamitsurugun, Yamanashi ● ●For one-day use 14:00 – 18:00 ●Open 7 days a week ●Admission fee: Adults1,620yen, Children \810yen, For lunch + bathing 4,200 yen
* Pets or people with tattoos are not allowed (*1). We appreciate your understanding

A-must-see night view and Mt. Fuji

At this hot springs located about 1-hour drive from Lake Yamanaka, and on a 670-meter-high mountain, you will enjoy the streets and night views along with Mt. Fuji shown on the right hand side. As it opens before the sunrise, you can also spend a luxurious and relaxing time in the hot springs.

●Hottarakashi Onsen ●0553-23-1526 ●1669-18 Yatsubo, Yamanashi-shi, Yamanashi ● ●Open 1 hour before sunrise – 22:00 (Last admission: 21:30) ●Open 7 days a week ●Admission fee: Adults 800 yen (one bath), Children under age 13 400yen

* 1 Includes fashion tattoos/ tiny tattoos/ tattoo stickers

*The above information was last updated on September 12, 2016. For more details, please contact each facility directly.

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