Series “Local Specialties of Japanese Style Inns” (Mountainside Inns)


It's not too much to say that a choice of accommodation is a key to your travel succeeded or not. We prefer staying at a place clean, tasteful and excellent service to give. Also, another enjoyment of travel we can’t forget is meals, especially local specialties. This time, we introduce several Ryokan (Japanese style inns) where you can enjoy delicious meals made with local products of mountains.

Ryokan with meals that soothed ascetics “Sansai cuisine, Dewaya” (Yamagata Prefecture)

Dewaya, known as a Japanese style inn serving sansai (edible wild vegetables and plants) cuisine, used to welcome many worshippers who came to sacred mountains, Dewasanzan for Buddhism practice with hot springs and lovely meals. Based on their philosophy that “local ingredients cooked by local people represent the region,” the inn serves simple dishes mainly using wild vegetables, and these sansai cuisine is the main attraction of the in. You will enjoy the meals utilizing ancestors' wisdom in a retro atmosphere room.

●Sansai Cuisine, Dewaya
●58 Mazawa, Nishikawacho, Nishimurayama-gun, Yamagata Prefecture
●1 night including 2 meals: starting from 10,800 yen per person (tax and service charge included, when 2 people share 1 room)

Meet the unspoiled landscapes of nostalgic Japan “Shichimi Onsen Hotel, Keizantei” (Nagano Prefecture)

Shichimi Onsen is a secluded hot spring known by few people, and it is said that the name Shichimi (7 flavors) came from its 7 spring sources. Keizantei is an inn that offers you seasonal vegetables and Iwana (river fish), blessed with the nature of Shinshu by the fireside. You can experience the atmosphere of common people’s table, which used to be seen throughout the country. Relax and enjoy the moment with the milky white hot springs.

●Shichimi Onsen Hotel Keizantei
●Shichimi, Takayamamura, Kamitakai-gun, Nagano Prefecture
●1 night including 2 meals: starting from 17,430 yen per person (tax and service charge included, when 2 people share 1 room)

Home-grown sansai cuisine at family-run ryokan “Shiki no Sato, Kikuya” (Niigata Prefecture)

This inn is famous for sansai cuisine. As their philosophy that they wish their guests enjoy sansai throughout the year, they grow vegetables and use them for the meals. Along with carefully selected ingredients such as wild sansai, Echigo Beef and top ranked Asahi Pork, there are many colorful and elegant dishes served at dinner. Most of room types are independent guest-cottages, and each room has individual indoor and open-air bathtubs with water comes directly from the spring source. Enjoy relaxing time in the hot spring at all hours.

●Shiki no Sato, Takanosu Onsen, Kikuya
●1076-1, Takanosu, Sekikawamura, Iwafune-gun, Niigata Prefecture
●1 night including 2 meals: starting from 21,750 yen per person (tax and service charge included, when 2 people share 1 room)

*The above information was last updated March 1, 2017. For further information, please contact the facilities directly.

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