Overview of JOURNEY of JAPAN

JOURNEY of JAPAN is a tourist information service about Japan provided by one of the largest credit card companies in the country and leading Japanese travel professionals. This app delivers information on recommended shops where you can use your credit card and trendy Japanese sightseeing information carefully selected by professionals. This is now the most-used service by people traveling in Japan.

POINT 01New Information Column

This is a wonderful column provided by travel professionals with their unique points of view. This column delivers information on sightseeing, culture and activities in Japan, as well as useful information related to shopping. Please check this column out both before you visit Japan and while you are here because it is updated monthly.

POINT 02Recommended Shop Column

This column will introduce you to restaurants, shops, amusement attractions, general stores and more where you can use your credit card in Japan. These have been carefully selected with the line of sight unique to JOURNEY of JAPAN. Please make sure to check this column out prior to your trip because it is updated and added to every month.

POINT 03Shop Search

You can search for shops where it is possible to use five credit cards - VISA, MasterCard, iD, Shinhan and UnionPay - on JOURNEY of JAPAN. Please make sure to use this smartphone app because it will also provide you with bargain coupons that you can use in the shops.

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